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When can you expect JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the longest-running manga series, spanning over 25 years, eight parts, and four anime adaptations at this point. The series is soo well known that JoJo has some of the biggest lineups of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure merch out there. The series, by Hirohiko Araki, has become a cultural phenomenon at this point, and if you like JoJo and want to know When JoJo Season 5, or more so, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean anime is scheduled to come out, then you are at the right place.

Here, we will cover everything you need to know about JoJo Part 6, including the JoJo: Stone Ocean updates, latest news, the previous JoJo anime sales, and how the development in the previous JoJo anime seasons may Impact the much-anticipated JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean anime adaptation.

So, buckle up and let’s get started.

Is JoJo Part 6 confirmed?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Jolyne Cujoh - Blog

No, JoJo part 6 is not yet confirmed. No matter what you have come across on the internet, there has been no news about JoJo Part 6 getting an anime adaptation yet! David Productions has not released any new information about JoJo Part 6. None of their producers, as some misleading news articles might make you believe, have released any public statement regarding JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean getting an anime adaptation.

(As soon as information becomes available, we will update the blog accordingly.)

But Even though the anime adaptation has not been confirmed or even hinted towards by David Productions. JoJo’s Part 6: Stone Oceans anime adaptation may just get delayed until 2022, or it may just never even happen.

Which factors lead up to an anime adaptation? Can JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean tick all the boxes?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - JJBA -  Jolyne Kujo

Normally when a manga or light novel gets an anime adaptation in Japan, it is either to promote, bolster the manga or Light Novel sales, or any other such product, even anime figurines, and other anime merch, etc. Studios and production houses have to do this because just making anime is not as profitable on its own. And for them to get their investment back, they have to wait years just to break even and make it worth their time.

And, if it is an original adaptation, Studios then license it out to other publications and make sure that they have multiple small, if not big, sponsors for that original anime. 

For example, anime studios like P.A Works, who mainly focus on making original anime, actually work with a lot of sponsors, local tourism entities, and have a lot of small subsidiaries studios that work under them. So, they can actually make the anime they produce profitable as long as their sponsors support those anime. But, Studio’s like P.A works are unique and go against the normal standard of anime production in Japan.

More traditional Anime Studio’s like David Productions directly make money by having multiple producers funding the anime and through Blue-Ray/DVD and anime merch sales.

Jolyne Cujoh - JJBA Store

Their primary source of income is the Blue-Ray/DVD sales, and the secondary source that they earn money through is are the licensing deals where the producers get their investment back. The licensing makes up a significant chunk of the animes revenue but since the producers. Manufacturers, distributors, etc. are involved, and Anime studios just get small chunks of profits from them.

So, the Studio’s themselves are more focused on selling the Blue-Ray/DVD’s of the actual anime, and that is where the Studio’s themselves earn their main profits from.

So, money is the major driving force that motivates studios and production houses actually to start making any anime. And here many JoJo fans wonder, surely being a household name, JoJo must be an extremely profitable franchise.

Well, it is not that simple.

JoJo Anime Sales:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Joestar Family Evolution

Now, JoJo’s anime from an entirely western point of view; actually, started to gain traction in the west when David Production announced in 2011 that they would be adapting the long due old Manga of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure into an entire anime.

The manga, although had previous adaptations, they were very old, going way back to 1993, and by 2011, there was only a very niche community of the fandom outside Japan who had actually watched the old JoJo.

So, starting with the current JoJo’s anime lineup, David Production’s re-did the manga adaptation from scratch. They started from the first chapter, and, in the first season, the Studio covered the first two parts of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga. And this is crucial, as David Productions was tasked with the production of the first two parts as to celebrate the 25 year-long runs of the manga series, and they did such an exemplary job over the first season that the anime just blew up in the western anime community. 

The popularity was unprecedented, and even more so, the anime in Japan did so well that it spawned the animation cycle of the other parts that we have witnessed in the last few years.

But there is a catch. Although the first season of JoJo was exceptionally successful, the same can’t be said for the other, subsequent seasons.

Don’t get us wrong; the following anime seasons were great. The animation was breathtaking, smooth, and the story was well-paced, but the sales of the other seasons are going on a downward trend.

JJBA Series Data Chart

You may argue that the first Season of JoJo aired eight years ago, and the other seasons did not have that much time to match up with the sales of the first season. But the Blue Ray sales actually peak up during the time when the anime is airing, and one year after the last Blue-ray/DVD has been released, the sales totally die down unless there is a resurgence in the franchise.

JJBA All JoJo's Characters

And, plenty of time has passed since the animes release, and the numbers are pretty much dead set in place at this point. Now, others may even point out that because of the rise of streaming services, the physical sales of the anime discs are dying, and that is true.

But these are the Blue-Ray/DVD sales in Japan that we are talking about here and, as far as the traditional Production Studios are concerned, their main source of revenue, the Blue-Ray/DVD sales, are dropping.

And, even though many anime studios now are earning substantial sums from online streaming licensing deals on platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc. But still, the physical Blue-Ray/DVD sales make up a huge portion of the anime Studio’s profit.

And when the main source of revenue starts dropping, no matter how profitable an anime series is, even when compared to other anime franchises. A Japanese Studio is more likely to drop an anime if the sales start to stagger.

It is quite normal in the anime industry because in order to produce an anime adaptation, anime studios need to commit their resources in production and initial preparation, at least one year before they even start animating the show.

Adapting an anime is at least a year and a half long commitment by the Studio, and this time, the David Productions Staff seems to have gone through an unfortunate event. Which is even more concerning, to say the least.

JJBA twitter

Tweet by Kohei Ashiya

Google translated this tweet in a weird manner, but here, what the credited animation director of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind and all the previous Seasons of JoJo, Kohei Ashiya, is trying to say is that even two months after the last episode of Golden Wind aired, he did not get paid.

After his tweet, the Producers did send him the expected payments, but Kohei emphasized that the being unpaid even long after the animation, or even work on the anime has finished, the Staff members of anime studios do not get paid properly and in some cases like his, not at all in a year-long anime run.

It was after he came out publicly and used his position as the art director, the producers took notice, and the current state of the David Productions with this going on it does not look good.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean

The passion can only get you so far, and even though the Studio went all out, animating Golden Wind, and the western reception was fantastic, but the disc sales in Japan do not reflect that at all. The manga will still get animated, but it would not be on the same level of quality and intricacy as Golden Wind.

If the anime trends are anything to go by, we, the fans, will probably get a much-lowered quality animation going forward. And because of the delays due to the global pandemic, if the Studio still wants to maintain the quality and even go above and beyond for JoJo Part 6, the fans can expect the adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean no sooner than or April or October of 2022. 

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