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Florian Triangle: Everything to Know About One Piece’s Mysterious Sea

Florian Triangle is one of the greatest mysteries in One Piece. It is a demonic stretch of sea that must be sailed to travel from Water 7 to Fish-Man Island. Florian Triangle can be said to be the equivalent of Bermuda Triangle in One Piece. Unfortunately, the anime never described this place thoroughly. But the series did reveal that only 1% of the total pirates managed to pass through this mysterious stretch of sea. So, if you’re also curious to know about the Florian Triangle, we got you covered. Continue reading to know everything about one of the biggest mysteries of One Piece. 

Florian Triangle

Florian Triangle Overview

The most notable feature about this mysterious place is its incredibly thick fog. The fog is so dense that it blocks the sunlight making it difficult to guess whether it is day or night. However, it is not a permanent feature as the fog vanished by the end of Thriller Bark Arc. More than 100 ships disappeared every single year at Florian Triangle. The crew members got disappeared or were ofter found dead afterward.

Also, some of the biggest beings in the universe stay at the Florian Triangle. However, despite their size, they remain unnoticed by the outside world. Lola barely managed to spot them through the fog in the series. 

Reason Behind People Disappearance

Despite knowing the consequences, pirates often try to cross the Florian Triangle as it is necessary in order to move forward from Water 7 to Fish-Man Island. Gecko Moria used it for his own advantage and set up Thriller Bark at the Florian Triangle. He wants to capture the pirates traveling through the sea so that he can steal their shadows and increase his army of zombies. However, Gecko Moria only captured the shadows of people and never killed anyone. But it was revealed that the Triangle killed hundreds of crews.

On the other hand, it is believed that the three giant figures shown at the end of the arc were the reason behind the pirates’ death. Nothing much is known about these giants, but they are big enough to dwarf an entire island. 

Florian Triangle

How Thriller Bark Survived Florian Triangle? 

Thriller Bark was an island that was modified into a ship. As a result, for the poltergeist, it was just a moving piece of land. Thriller Bark captured Luffy and his crew and the entire time they were at the island. This is also the reason why those giant beings didn’t show themselves and decided to leave in the end.

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