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Why Does Naruto Wear Orange?

Naruto has been wearing his orange outfit for a while now, which has intrigued many fans as to discover why this color was specifically chosen.

We’ll look into the details about why Naruto wears Orange.

Why Does Naruto Wear Orange?

Not only the character of Naruto Uzumaki is an icon in the anime industry but his outfit is iconic as well. His classic bright orange outfit has been the talk of the town for years now.

There is more than a single reason, why Naruto always wears orange color.

Naruto Team 7 Trio

The Reason Naruto Wears Orange:

Since Naruto was all alone in his childhood, he wanted the attention of everyone in the village. So what better way to get the attention of everyone than to wear a distinguishing orange outfit so you stand out in a village full of ninjas wearing darker colors. The color orange has very high visibility and is often used to gain attention. 

Orange color is a blend of red and orange, the energy associated with red and happiness associated with yellow. orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, freedom, expression, and fascination.

All these attributes are evidently associated with our Number 1 Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja.

Why Does Naruto Wear Orange?
Why Does Naruto Wear Orange

This is basically in terms of what the orange color generally symbolizes, however, there are other reasons for the selection of this color as well, which of course includes the Writer’s inspirations which is exactly what we’ll be discussing next!

Kishimoto’s Inspirations:


Kishimoto has always been inspired by Buddhism while writing Naruto. The orange color is one of the most important colors in Buddhism. Buddhist monks wear orange robes as the color denotes spiritual ascension, radiance, and enlightenment. It is said that Buddha Himself picked this color for the robes due to this particular meaning.

Monks wearing Orange
Monks wearing Orange

The orange color of the monk’s robe signifies the flame that comes from a burning fire, and, the Buddha sees the flame of fire as a symbol of truth, a reference to the Will of Fire in Naruto. Most importantly, the truth is what has to come from time to time. Therefore, the Buddhist monks wear the orange robe to always remind others of the flame of fire.

Consequently, one will likely connect back with his inner truth. And, continue the journey to enlightenment.

Influence of Dragon Ball:

Dragon Ball, being a pioneer with its inclusion in “Big 3 Anime”, has been influencing a lot of anime and manga. Naruto is no exception. Kishimoto himself has said on multiple occasions how he’s a fan of the Dragon Ball series and is inspired by it.

Him being inspired by Goku wearing orange and Vegeta wearing blue is highly likely the reason why Naruto and Sasuke wear orange and blue respectively.

Goku and Vegeta
Goku and Vegeta
Sasuke and Naruto in blue and Orange respectively
Sasuke and Naruto in blue and orange respectively

Minato and Kushina:

Konoha’s Orange Hokage is the result of a fusion between The Yellow Flash of Konoha and The Red-Hot Habanero.

Minato who is associated with the color yellow and Kushina who is associated with red is also the reason why Naruto gets associated with orange. Since yellow and red create orange color when mixed.

Kushina describes Orange color to Naruto
Kushina describes Orange color to Naruto

Naruto is not the only one whose coloring scheme is inspired by his parents. We don’t need to look further, just look at his son Boruto. Boruto wearing a bit of pink is inspired by Naruto and Hinata’s chakra coloring scheme, as shown in The Last: Naruto The Movie.

Like father like son, when it comes to their coloring schemes being inspired by their parents.

Boruto: Naruto's Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations

Similarly, the same loser as his Father as Sasuke points out, he is a bigger loser than Naruto ever was. Boruto asks what he means, and Sasuke explains Boruto grew to hate losing, unwilling to give up or back down.

His Other Outfits:

Naruto The Last:

As shown in The Last: Naruto The Movie, he changed his outfit and went with a black uniform jacket with an orange zipper but still having full orange trousers. 

Naruto and Hinata in The Last: Naruto The Movie
Naruto and Hinata in The Last: Naruto The Movie

Kishimoto tried to show how mature Naruto has gotten in the movie, with him finally understanding what true love is. That is why the change in his outfit took place. 

Boruto Anime And Manga:

In the Boruto anime, Naruto has been wearing his similar classic orange-colored sweatshirt with black stripes. 

But in the Boruto manga, the case is different. He wears a black sweatshirt with orange stripes.

Boruto Manga

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