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How Long Is Naruto?

Naruto along with Naruto Shippuden is one of the longest series existing in the anime and manga genre. 

Naruto along with One Piece and Bleach started in the same era. All three of them started in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Each series has its own length but here, the question is, exactly how long is Naruto from start to the finish? Let’s clear all your doubts about all anime seasons and complete Naruto manga.

Before we start, you should know that the three anime mentioned above together got the title of The Big Three”. They are known as the pillars of anime and it is not an exaggeration to say that we wouldn’t have the new-gen anime without them. 

Let’s jump into it!

How Long Is Naruto?

Naruto manga started in 1999 and went on for around 15 years, while Naruto anime started in 2002 and it also went on for 15 years.

 how long is naruto shippuden without filler

Naruto part 1 is a total of 220 episodes long including filler and canon episodes. Each episode is 23-25 minutes including the opening and the ending song and credits. 

Naruto manga is 238 chapters long. All the chapters are canon and important for the plot of the series. 

How Long Is Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto Shippuden takes place 2 and a half years after Naruto part 1 and is around 500 episodes long. These 500 episodes include both canon and filler episodes. These episodes complete the story of Naruto on a grand scale which is a great adventure. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden in total are 720 episodes. 

Some fillers can be skipped as they don’t contribute much to the plot. Some of them are quite well written and can be watched.

How Long Is Naruto

Overall Naruto is a series that shouldn’t be watched with a mindset of just binge-watching it and finishing it. Naruto is basically a journey that we get to experience in our daily lives. Naruto can go on for 2-3 years depending upon how much time you can give to watching it. 

If you have a busy work or study schedule then watching 1-2 episodes per day should be sufficient. If you have a lot of free time due to holidays or vacation then you can easily finish 5-7 episodes per day and finish it a little early. It completely depends on every individual. 

How Long Is Naruto Without Filler or Flashbacks?

Naruto part 1 has around 90 episodes which are filler episodes. All the 90 episodes can be skipped and they are not necessary to be watched. However, some of the episodes are very good with great humor and intriguing plot and action. 

Naruto Shippuden has  205 episodes out of 500 which are filler episodes. Just as part 1 they all can be skipped and don’t necessarily contribute to the plot. 

In total out of 720 episodes around 295 episodes are filler episodes. 

This basically means that over 40% of the episodes of both Naruto and Shippuden are filler episodes. 

How Long Is Naruto Shippuden Without Filler?

As mentioned above, Naruto Shippuden has around 205 filler episodes out of a total of 500 episodes.

This essentially means that 295 episodes of Naruto Shippuden are canon and they shall not be skipped no matter what. 

How Long Is an Episode of Naruto?

All episodes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are around 23-24 minutes. This includes the opening credits, closing credits, and a small recap of the previous episode and the main plot of the current episode. 

This episode format is not just for Naruto but for all anime. It is a strict anime rule and all other anime have a duration of 23-24 minutes.

Some of the older anime opt to do recaps, whereas the new-gen anime don’t do recaps every single episode. 

But it is a strict anime rule to have a duration of not more than 24 minutes per episode which has been followed since the 90s and even the current anime follow the same format. 

How Long Is the War Arc in Naruto?

In Episode 261 of Naruto Shippuden titled For My Friend” Gaara gives his speech before the war where he asks every shinobi from all the villages to unite and defeat their common enemy.

In Episode 262 titled “War Begins” the 4th great ninja war begins. Here all the battalions go to their designated location where they face the enemy.

The war arc goes on from episode 262 to episode 479. The war arc is the longest in the entire series and goes on for over 200 episodes.

However, there are some filler episodes in between and some mixed canon filler episodes. Filler episodes sometimes are shown as part of the war arc where they added some extra episodes to increase the season. At some points, the filler episodes drift away from the actual plot and the war itself creating some unnecessary distance from the intensity of the war.

All the filler episodes can be skipped.

How Long Is the Dream Sequence Filler in Naruto?

People often ask how long is Naruto Tsukuyomi filler arc. Well, The dream sequence starts from episode 426 titled “The Infinite Tsukuyomi”.

In this episode, the Infinite Tsukuyomi is cast and everyone apart from Team 7 gets trapped in it.

Infinite Tsukuyomi Sacs
Infinite Tsukuyomi Sacs

From here starts the very long dream arc where dreams of different characters are shown one by one. All the dream episodes are considered to be fillers as they don’t contribute to the plot in any way.

Episode 426 is not completely a filler episode as there is some manga canon present in it. The entire sequence of characters getting trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi is purely canon.

Madara executing Infinite Tsukuyomi Jutsu
Madara executing Infinite Tsukuyomi Jutsu

So, the dream sequence episodes start from episodes 427-450. Episode 426 also contains a dream but that episode is partly filler so it shouldn’t be skipped.

Episodes from 427-450 can be completely skipped as they are fillers.

After 450 we got a few episodes based on Itachi’s backstory where we get some focus on Itachi’s life from a leaf shinobi to an Akatsuki member. I recommend you to watch this as well.

How Long Is Naruto Training with Fukasaku?

Naruto starts training with Fukasaku in episode 155 which is titled “The First Challenge”.

Naruto Training Sage Mode at Mount Myoboku
Naruto Training Sage Mode at Mount Myoboku

Naruto keeps on training with Lord Fukasaku at Mount Myoboku whilst Pain attacks the Leaf Village searching for Naruto.

Naruto training for Sage Mode and Pain attacking and killing people at the Leaf happens simultaneously as it takes some time for Naruto to come back to the village because of a mishap caused by Danzo.

Naruto enters the battlefield
Naruto enters the battlefield

By the time Naruto comes back to the village, he sees that Pain has already invaded the village and has successfully nuked the village completely.

To put it in simple words, Naruto trains with Fukasaku from episodes 155-162.

At the end of episode 162 titled Naruto arrives on the battlefield to fight Pain.

From episode 163 the epic battle against Pain begins. 

How Many Hours Long Is All of Naruto?

It depends on how much you watch each day and whether you skip fillers.

Although you won’t be able to watch complete Naruto exactly according to your planned time, if you’re still thinking about how long is Naruto Shippuden in hours, here’s an estimate:

Each episode of Naruto is 23 minutes. There are 720 episodes of both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden combined.

So, if you multiply them, you get 16,560 hours of anime to watch.

Of course, this involves both the opening credits and closing credits of each and every episode which can be skipped.

how long is naruto shippuden in hours
Explaining How Long is Naruto Shippuden in Hours

This total watch time also involves all the filler episodes which also can be skipped.

So, you will probably not have to sit through the entire 16,560 hours to finish Naruto. The duration is significantly (around 40%) less.

How Long Is the Naruto Shippuden Manga?

Naruto Shippuden manga starts exactly where part 1 ends.

Naruto part 1 manga ends with chapter 238 which is titled “Departure”.

From chapters 239-244 the manga shows the backstory of Kakashi and Obito where Obito gives his eye to Kakashi and is presumed dead.

How Long Is Naruto Manga, Explained

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