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Ao Ashi Chapter 301: Destiny Of Esperion Youth Club! Release Date

Ao Ashi Chapter 301 will be full of soccer action and suspense. The previous outing of the manga set up the back story for the upcoming chapter of the manga. Currently, Shiba is ready to make the announcement of his retirement at the Esperion practice facilities. At the same time, the Esperion youth team is ready to face Ganon Osaka at the Saitama Stadium. Everyone is pumped up to play in the stadium where the national team of Japan practices for their international matches. It is like a proud moment for the Esperion Youth team! However, for further insight into the upcoming chapter, check out the article below!

The next chapter of the manga will feature two matches at a time. The first one will be at the Saitama stadium and the second match will be at Esperion Sports facilities. Both teams are ready to face the cutthroat competition from the opposing sides. Moreover, the news of Shiba’s retirement will get its official announcement in the practice match of Esperion.

Ao Ashi Chapter 301

Ao Ashi Chapter 301: Will Esperion Club become No. 1?

The Ao Ashi Chapter 301 will check the tactical command of Coach Fukuda and Date over the game. Both of them have prepared a 4-3-3 formation to play against the Ganon Osaka team at the match in the Saitama stadium. Yoshitsune is ready to give his best in the final match. However, the Esperion Sports facilities room is very tense about the upcoming match. But Aoi is ready to crush the opposing team with his skill supremacy. Most probably, the Esperion junior team will win the match with the abilities of Aoi.

However, the winning chances of Esperion Youth Club seem vague. But it must be a cutthroat competition for the youth club team. The youth team has rugged itself for the last three years to reach this stage in the match. Now it can afford any mistake to miss the chance to compete on international grounds. Moreover, the opposing side is undefeatable in the competition. This is making the coaches quite nervous about the upcoming match.

Ao Ashi Chapter 301

What Happened In The Previous Chapter?

The previous outing of the manga was quite emotional for Shiba and his wife. Both of them were planning to attend to each other at the dinner drinks, which was impossible till then. Shiba could not drink due to his career in athletics. However, the story changes its course from the Shiba’s house to the bus of Esperion Youth Club. All of the players are sitting quietly on the bus. However, Yoshitsune is very restless due to the upcoming match. He is very excited to repay every drop of sweat he shed in the last three years to improve his game.

The coach Fukuda and Date are planning the formations and positions of players for the upcoming match. Suddenly, the players get a sight of the Saitama stadium. Everyone becomes excited about playing in that stadium. Moreover, Otomo from the youth club team sends the image of the stadium to Aoi. But Aoi is quite tense for the upcoming match. He does not want to break his concentration before the start of the match. He wants to give his one hundred percent and prove his worth to Garulla.

Ao Ashi Chapter 301

Ao Ashi Chapter 301: Release Date

The anime geeks have speculated the Ao Ashi Chapter 301 will release on July 26, 2022. All chapters of the manga will be found only on the official pages of Kodansha. However, there is no confirmation on the release date of the manga. But it is possible that there will be an official confirmation in two days. The Anime daily will keep you posted on any new update that pops out!

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