My Anime Diary #5

Winter is here in aussie and all I want to do lately is hide away in my bed and watch anime on my days off. (Also I wrote that line over a month ago but still applies now, this post was very very overdue ahaha)

All I see on the news lately is the northern hemisphere is boiling and death valley located in LA reaching above 50 as the world’s hottest place right now. Coming back here for a moment on the southern side of things it’s a cold winter but it’s not all that bad. Mind you I had to buy a heater this week so I’m not going to wake up cold in the night, so that was necessary. So weather is a bit co co and has posting for my own blog you may have noticed. I can’t tell you how nice it is to sit down at my desk and feel like I am connecting with the anime scene. It’s just been crazy on my end since my last post and realised when I came to sit here, what I would like to talk about? My anime diary was May was the last report on that. Since this time we have burned through quite a bit of anime. I was housesitting for someone, there was even more time to finish and begin new series. Let me say. . . 

*The smile indicates the largest overload my anime list will indicate*

I am going to try and fit what I can in because there is a LOT to get you up to speed on where my anime watching has been but in a very good place. I am overly happy with my anime watching for the first half of this year. But first question where am I at with this 52 week anime challenge? and i’ll be probably be only mentioning anime this time for this anime diary post 

52 Anime Challenge Status and Other Things

Week 10  The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

The appearance of this office romance set 2023 the year of romance coming back. Each episode is full of genuinity and pure cuteness that makes you squeal. Himuro and Fuyutsuki relationship forms into something incredibly endearing through simple actions that don’t make things feel forced. Each of them have genuine worry for one another that is truly is relatable and it’s felt so long since I found that in a romance anime. This series is not here for misunderstandings, love rivals, it wants to show heart for it’s main couple and give you watchable goodness. I truly loved this and watching weekly only heightened that. 

Week 11 My Hero Academia S6 

Finally I got around to watching the next saga of being a hero and this was a painstakingly good and hard watch. This season I was crying more and yelling than I ever have I think. What can I say? Dam well enjoy this and it continues to keep me glued and I have to binge every time. This series ability to keep the tension amazes me, great watch! 

Week 12 Suzume

Late April one of my most anticipated watches made it to Aussie shores and I couldn’t have been more excited. I’ve spoken before I love Shinkai for this films on different forms of love and Suzume was the most different of all his ones I’ve watched. Shinkai placed some new ideas and real life references that combined to two different messages. From what I took away from the film. It was a shinkai experience of a better and modern kind, I like this new direction and attention he is going in. If you are keen to hear more of my thoughts I did a podcast episode on not long ago! 

Week 13 Tsurune S2 

Coming in from my most anticipated watches of 2023, the archery boys were back. This season. .  . was better than the first. I cannot recall last time I said that but it was a gorgeous experience. I feel this season was an important step for Kyoto Animation comeback and couldn’t have been more beautiful. It was art that could never be measured. wow… look at all the praise I am giving here ahaha. Each male character is stripped down even more unlike season one to grab onto the roots of what drives these boys to love Kyudo as they do. The act of union between archer and bow is presented with applying all the shows elements to the fullest and a watch you cannot forget. Too good. 

Week 14 Golden Kamuy

I watched the first episode with my partner and thought we would watch together, oh not the case haha. Therefore continued on my own and this show is a mood, that’s for sure. To how I could describe to you, it is kind a of crazy. Historically wise this show has a great build behind it set in a harsh alaskan territory but set in a post war time in Hokkaido. An unlikely main pair that come together all for a treasure haul really makes for the most crazy, shocking watch. The terrain centered with this anime brings an atmosphere of harshness and laws of the nature, while also heavy dialogue that is not uplifting in any sense. There is nothing happy about this series but the light humor helps a little. It was a great watch for the first season, leaving me dying to find out if the main duo will find the treasure with a “map of skin”. There is a curious hint for you to give this a go! I was quick to judge and was proven wrong this time. 

Week 15 Farming In Another World 

During Spring season I always like to watch one slice of life and I chose about a guy who was reincarnated in a dangerous world and created a farming village for himself. The series is very self explanatory with each episode showing how Hiraku built his farming abundance but with such naiviness of what world he landed in, it’s kind of funny starting off this way. Nothing amazing to say about this watch but I enjoyed for down time. 

Week 16 Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? S3

Pretty sure I mentioned watching Season 2 in one of my diary entries and in due time got to S3. This is a series I watch for fun because if you don’t have those series you’re mind will critique everything you want. Belle and his party are a fun, crazy bunch to watch, how they try to raise for fame and gain popularity for the party. But they get themselves caught in these unfortunate scenarios that don’t make life better but are highly entertaining. Season 3 was fun and liked a bit more than season 2 but it’s all entertaining really. 

That is all I can muster to write right now for this anime diary entry. I enjoy doing these those, keeps me on track to complete the 52 week challenge for the year. I am watching a bunch of other things on the side from seasonal: Legend Of The Galactic Heroes, Orphen, K, Crest Of Stars to name a few. You will see over the next little while posts going out randomly as I’ve felt the creative bug big time and the draft list has gotten big. My posting schedule might be changing as well but I’ll say for an update post shortly as life has changed once again for me. 

Hope to mention manga next time! 

See you in the next entry! 

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