30s Are Way Better

I had a revelation today. 

I was laying on my bed scrolling through instagram, coming across a reel which those things just speak to you sometimes. I tried to find it but didn’t save it whoops. The reel was targeted to people of my age enjoying being a nerd, anime whatever more in this age group of 30s especially those grown up in 90s. Which I am inclined to agree with. For those that know already or not I didn’t get into anime until moving countries and at fifteen. From there into my 20s everything was still so new and you’re exploring your tastes in this period I feel. Because I had no idea until I reached my late 20s what my true likes and dislikes were when it came to anime. 

What’s that word I’m looking for. . . I am full on thriving than I have ever before. 

A Better Understanding 

We revisit things then we have a better understanding and discover something new, you didn’t notice before. This is a reason for me at my prime age of 30s, you come to have a continual grasp of. Recently I rewatched Kobato and wow when you think you remember shit. . . nope. A series I loved for the slow pace and “simple things” approach but possessed more than these qualities. Already I’m in the realm of planning all the series to rewatch and hoping to discover a new understanding of, this quality will grow even more within the next year and later in life. The appreciation of life and all that ‘life is precious’ talk really does come into play around this 30 age, I kid you not. It’s knocked me over like a skillet. A new emerging feeling wells up so fast to enjoy the nerd aspect as you always have like with anything you truly enjoy. 

Quarter Of Life Gone

Maybe you think it in the back of your head like I knew, reaching after 30 is realising quarter of your life has gone. You don’t think about that shit before that, why would you or anyone. Quarter of my life I have watched nearly 700 anime and still not achieving my goal with watching certain ones. This realisation has pressed me on further to well. . . live my best anime. All this deep life talk I am dribbling on about really does matter when you reach this stage, maybe it doesn’t for others? But time feels a fast mover than it did before but doesn’t put in a anxious state but the opposite. A peaceful mindset with how much I am enjoying my time with anime right now. Appreciation grows, joy grows, this indescribable clarity just washes over. 

A Era Of Not Care

Do you think we are in a era of not care these days?
Because I feel we are. People are more expressive and brazen of their opinions, things they love with a no give rats ass of what the world thinks. Half way through my 20’s my not care factor began to form. I’ve always had a all in approach to everything I do in life and that has gotten worse in my 30s, do it or die we can call it now haha. Saying yes to more opportunities like finally stop putting off doing that Sailor Jupiter redo cosplay, casually I put off every year. (this cosplay is a aim in 2024). Having a ‘this is what I’m into’ if you don’t like then move along majority of the time people are all for when I tell them I’m into anime if they ask. I believe were in a accepting era of what we like, no escaping the trolls, negative but if you are like me, with every passing day that affects me less and less. Time wasters become something you cannot put up with less and less. I just don’t care bitch. hahahaha

Main takeaway from this post is I’m in my 30s and thriving more in my hobby than I ever have and you will too, one day or if you’re already in that bracket then you can relate. I’m just pretty damn happy and hope you are yourselves within what you love. If not you need to reanalyze for your own self. 

See you next post! 

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