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Level 99 Villainess #01 — Return of the Truck


Feels like these things have been avoiding that particular cliche lately.


Sorry this took a bit. I got fed up with it and just… didn’t want to watch any more. So while technically I did watch the entire episode, it took a couple attempts. Just like so goddamned many of these, it tries to do the thing where it’s just pretending to be tired and cliche, before halfway through announcing “Boy, what a tired and cliche game that is,” and revealing that it too, will be just as tired and cliche. The repetition in that sentence is meant to impart on you the same pain that I felt going through this story for the fifty seventh time. You totally fooled me with the fake OP despite the title of the actual show.

So… She’s reincarnated into the game as the villainess. There’s even a truck that runs her over. Her cheat power is maximum. It is just a recitation of the very cliches that it purports to be secondhand parodying. But that’s not parody! I’m tired of saying this! It’s not even really comedy either until arguably the very end where she makes a couple silly faces. There is nothing at all original, nor well executed in this episode. It almost undoubtedly exists solely to chase this stupid trend.   


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