Anime Diary #8 – End Goal Was It Reached?

Hadn’t got around to reviewing this but may remember I set myself a challenge to watch 50 anime last year. Did we reach or only just? 

Overdue giving the final report of my grand 52week anime challenge set by blogger Tessa over at All About Anime from last year, to complete 52 anime so one a week? We were slightly lack luster with my diary entries but people seem to enjoy these posts as to what I was watching. I would like to continue doing this blog series for this year, as another way to discuss what series currently am keeping up with. 

So. . . 

In the end, I was shy of 3 anime to my complete goal of 52. In 2022 I was 7 away from final goal so it has increased. Many think watching 50 anime in a year is more than possible which I still consider so but a lot of things happened last year and including my other watch interests, the goal was not reached. The point for me doing this challenge was to drop my planned watch list and make watching anime daily a priority again which was the case. If you decide to take on your own challenge or this 52 for the year then strongly think you should. The challenge includes not just completing TV series towards the count but movies, OVA’s also. For 2024 I have not set myself a challenge, definitely will tally up at the end of the year how many I have completed in total, be interesting to see if there is not a goal involved. Does this make a difference? 

I’ll run through some of my favorite watches from last year!

Sing a Bit of Harmony 

Free Iwatobi Last Stroke Movie

Tsurune 2nd Season

My Happy Marriage 

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit 


Oh well if I didn’t reach the goal, there is always next time but I don’t think I can be bothered. haha. After doing this two years in a row, I just want to enjoy my anime really haha. Sorry this post is kind of a short one but I was pressed for time cramming in a post for this week in particular. 

See you in the next post! 

Lita xxx

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