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Exquisite New Pokemon Legends Z-A Announced

After the huge success of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and its DLCs, The Pokemon Company has finally announced the new Pokemon game. Nobody expected this game in their wildest dreams. Pokemon Legends Z-A has finally been announced. This article will look at what has been shown and what we can expect.

Exquisite New Pokemon Legends Z-A Announced

It’s the 10th anniversary of Pokemon X and Y. The Pokemon game revolutionized the way Pokemon will be played for generations to come and went from 2D to 3D. Now in 2024, The Pokemon Company has finally announced the much-awaited Pokemon Legends Z-A

Pokemon X and Y always felt incomplete whether it was the plot or the legendary Pokemon lore. Fans have been speculating for many years that we were supposed to get Pokemon Z to complete X and Y but we never got one. Now the questions will get answered with Pokemon Legends Z-A being released in 2025 worldwide.

No one expected Kalos to get a game because everyone was expecting Unova or Johto games to come out next. Because the order would make sense we got Johto remakes after Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. But Unova comes after Sinnoh so these 2 region revisits made the most sense. But Pokemon has skipped them for now at least.

Journey back to Kalos

After 10 years we are going back to Kalos but not the Kalos we are used to. Like the previous Legends game that came out before Pokemon Legends Arceus, the setting took place in the past. This would indicate Legends Z-A would also take place in the past.

From the trailer we can tell the game will take place in Lumiose City. The trailer also hints at the coexistence of Pokemon and humans which has not taken place yet like in the present Kalos. We are going to see the urbanization of Lumiose City, which is inspired by Paris. 

Unveiling The Mysteries

Pokemon X and Y left us with many unanswered questions but with Legends Z-A we can get answers about the ancient war, AZ, Zygarde, and the most important location in Kalos the power plant that was never explored.

Mega Evolution Returning 

Mega Evolutions are undoubtedly the most beloved gimmick Pokemon has introduced to us so far. The new game opens the possibilities of new megas and even new Kalos variants of different Pokemon.


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