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Why Did Kawaki Seal Naruto

Since Kawaki’s introduction in episode 1 of Boruto, fans have been dying to know what he did with Naruto. And what was the reason behind it? That has left the audience confused. 

Kawaki loves and respects Naruto the most this raises questions like Why did Kawaki seal Naruto?

What were the reasons that led him to this extreme action for the person he loves and cares about the most?

But after the latest manga chapters, we finally have the answer.

Why Did Kawaki Seal Naruto?

For knowing why Kawaki sealed Naruto, we need to understand Kawaki’s Love and Respect for Naruto, Witnessing The Isshiki Fight, Naruto Becoming Weak, Code’s Revenge, and Momoshiki’s Unpredictability. Read on and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Naruto and Kawaki’s Relation

Naruto risked his life to protect Kawaki even though Kawaki did not want Naruto to go that far for him.

But that is not only the reason for Naruto going to such lengths to protect Kawaki. Naruto sees himself in Kawaki, which is also a reason why Naruto adopts him as his son.

Kawaki admires Naruto so much since he was the first to accept him. Kawaki’s admiration has reached a level where one might even call it an obsession.

Kawaki’s only life goal is to protect the person he loves and admires by any means necessary. 

Events Leading to Kawaki Sealing Naruto

Kawaki sealed Naruto because that was the only way he could protect Naruto from the looming threat of the Otsutsuki clan and Code. Kawaki was afraid that if Naruto fought Momoshiki, Code, or the other Otsutsuki in the future, he will get killed.

Let’s look at all the factors that led Kawaki to seal Naruto.

Kawaki’s Love and Respect for Naruto

Kawaki never felt love his whole life until he met Naruto.

All his life Kawaki was abused by his father who later sold him to Jigen.

Jigen was even worse who tortured him to train and become his vessel. He was subject to inhumane behavior by everyone around him. They did not see Kawaki as a person but as a tool.

Naruto saw him as the person he was and understood the pain he was carrying. Naruto could relate to Kawaki as both of them were shunned by the people around them and treated as not even human.

Which led to both of them forming a father-son bond. Where both of them deeply care for each other as a parent and child would.

Witnessing The Isshiki Fight

Ever since the fight with Isshiki, one thing that is clear to us is that Naruto is not strong enough to handle the new Otsutsuki threats.

Naruto almost died protecting Kawaki, and if it wasn’t for the Nine-Tails sacrificing himself to give Naruto a power-up nobody would have survived that encounter.

Kawaki witnessed that fight and does not want Naruto to suffer as he did in that fight.

Naruto Becoming Weak

Now Naruto does not have the Nine-Tails inside him he has become drastically weaker than before.

He does not have the huge amounts of chakra he had before due to Kurama and no regeneration ability.

Now Naruto is very weak against top-tier Otsutsuki like Isshiki, Momoshiki, and Kaguya. Not only that but we have been told in the manga that we will have to face new Otsutsuki in the future.

As the threats are getting stronger and stronger Naruto doesn’t stand a chance against them.

Code’s Revenge 

Code stated he could kill Naruto and Sasuke even with his limiters on. But now that he has removed his limiters he is even stronger than Jigen, who was manhandling Naruto and Sasuke with Kurama and the Rinnegan respectively.


Code has sworn to take revenge on Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki for killing his god Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Now that he has obtained the Ten-Tails that Isshiki had, he will start taking his revenge by killing all of them.

Momoshiki’s Unpredictability

Momoshiki is a very unpredictable character we still don’t know what he might do but Kawaki knows since he is an Otsutsuki he will try to kill Naruto as he did in the Code arc.

That is why Kawaki does not even trust his brother Boruto and killed him in the Code arc.

Kawaki even tried to kill Boruto after sealing Naruto but he failed. Boruto’s friends and Sasuke stopped Kawaki.

But Momoshiki took over Boruto’s body and helped Kawaki escape. This is the type of unpredictability that makes Momoshiki the most dangerous of them all.

Is Kawaki Evil?

The simple answer would be No, his intentions are not evil but his methods are. He is willing to cross every line to protect Naruto. Naruto’s safety and well-being are the only things Kawaki cares about. 

He is willing to take every step to achieve that goal. Evils committed by Kawaki are as follows.

He Killed Boruto during the Code arc.
He went for the kill against Sarada who tried to protect Boruto.
He is responsible for Boruto losing his eye.
He made Eida switch his position with Boruto by using omnipotence. This means everyone thinks Boruto is Kawaki and Kawaki is Boruto.
He framed Boruto for the murder of Naruto and Hinata. And now the whole shinobi world is after Boruto who has to hide from the world now.


It is not the first time we have seen this kind of obsession by a Karma user. Before Kawaki, Code was obsessed with Isshiki Otsutsuki, which led him to revere all the Otsutsuki as gods. Kawaki shows a similar obsession with Naruto. 

Kawaki will do whatever it takes to protect Naruto even if it means he becomes the villain and Naruto hates him. That is the path Kawaki has decided to walk down.

That’s all on “Why Did Kawaki Seal Naruto“.


Q: Why did Kawaki send Naruto to another dimension?

A: Kawaki after getting his Karma back can use all the abilities Isshiki had. So to protect Naruto Kawaki used Daikokuten to seal Naruto in a dimension where time is stopped along with Hinata.

Q: Is Kawaki evil in Boruto?

A: Kawaki has good intentions of protecting Naruto but his methods are evil. He does not care about anyone other than Naruto and is willing to cross every line.

Q: Why Kawaki turned evil?

A: To protect Naruto Kawaki is willing to cross every line and does not care how much dirty his hands get. Even if Naruto hates him he is willing to do anything for him not caring about anything else.

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