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Top 10 Anime with OP MC From The Start

Sometimes having an Overpowered Main Character from the start can get boring, but we can have one of the best shows when done right. 

When having an OP MC in an anime, we get to see not only the MC but also the focus is more on the side characters than other Anime, which focus primarily on the MC and his journey of becoming strong.

With an OP MC, we can focus more on the character’s emotional side and how they operate. This article will examine the Top 10 Anime With OP MC From The Start.

Top 10 Anime with OP MC From The Start

We will focus on the anime’s main characters overpowered from episode 1 rather than the main characters who become strong throughout the story. 

We won’t count Anime like Naruto and DBZ (where the protagonist is pretty powerful, but not from the start), so let’s look at the top 10 anime with OP MC from the start. These will include Anime from the most popular genre like shounen, seinen, and Isekai.

10. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is one of the most famous samurai anime and manga series from the 90s.

The series follows a former anti-shogunate samurai Himura Kenshin more famously known as Hitokiri Battosai. He was a man feared all over Japan for his overwhelming strength with the blade.

The Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu sword style user, Himura was so strong during his assassin days that he killed over 100 people in only six months at a very young age. 

At the start of the series, Himura believes in peace with no killing, has left his past life behind him, and carries a Sakabato reverse-blade sword.

Even if he has left a life of violence, he is still strong enough to defend the weak with a reverse-blade sword and defeat every opponent he faces. The Anime is getting a remake in July 2023.

9.  Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most popular shounen anime during the last decade, with a fun, charismatic, pervy, and overpowered MC.

The story follows the future demon king Meliodas, the Dragon Sin of Wrath, living in the human world. He protects the human world from demons and other threats.

He forms one of the most popular anime groups ever, the Seven Deadly Sins.

Meliodas is overpowered from the start and can easily stomp most foes he faces without using all of its strength.

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8. Eminence in Shadow

Cid Kagenou is one of the best isekai MCs to be introduced recently. Even as a human before getting isekaied, he was strong enough to fight a trained soldier even as a kid.

But after getting isekaied, he forms a team of super hot girls called the Shadow Garden who think of him as their master willing to do anything for him.

By the way, he is also overpowered since he can literally become an atomic bomb himself.

7. Mob Psycho 100

From the creator of One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 follows the story of a wholesome young man Shigeo Kageyama who is unmatched when it comes to psychic powers.

But the story gives us the perspective of how these powers don’t help our MC in his daily life. So he has to work on himself to improve his mind and body.

The show focuses more on our MC’s character growth and how he deals with people around him. 

6. Noblesse

The list of top 10 anime with OP MC from the start can not be completed without a Korean Webtoon anime adaptation. Noblesse follows the charismatic Cadris Etrama Di Raizel.

He is from the noble race and has the title of The Noblesse. This means he is the true protector of his race and the judge, jury, and even the executioner if necessary. 

He lives a quiet life with his servant. But after his last fight, Raizel goes into a long slumber of 820 years and wakes up in the modern world, and starts going to a high school to understand humans but gets interrupted regularly by his foes and his own people.

5. Overlord

One of the most popular isekai anime. Overlord has gained popularity among the anime community for its excellent cast and world-building. Ainz Oal Gown, formerly known as Momonga, gets trapped inside a game alone.

He spent most of his life playing with his friends. But grinding in the game for years has made him one of the best players ever. 

With all of the game’s characters and guild that he and his friends created, Ainz has one goal in his mind, and that is to find other players by any means necessary, whether he becomes the most evil man in the world or the destroyer of countries he does not care about anything else.

4. Hellsing

The story follows Alucard, a Vampire Exterminator working for the secret organization of the British Government known as Hellsing.

Alucard is an OP MC since he’s the strongest vampire alive, and only a couple of characters might be on the same level as him. The Anime is filled with blood and gore but is an exciting ride for the viewers.

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3. Mashle

Ever wondered what would happen if Saitama from One Punch Man gets isekaied into the Harry Potter world? You don’t have to think much because Mashle is precisely that.

The story follows a young man Mash Burnedead who was living a peaceful life with his father but was forced to be admitted to a magic school.

With only his physical prowess at his disposal, he has to fight off magic users and become the best student in the magical school to live with his father again peacefully. Also, he loves creampuffs.

2. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

The story follows a high school boy blessed with immense psychic powers, as it might seem to us, but for Kusuo, it is a curse.

He wants to live a quiet normal life, but it’s not easy as he tries to hide his powers from everyone but keeps attracting weird people. The show is a fun ride for everyone with good comedy.

1. One Punch Man

The most controversial character when it comes to power scaling. As the name implies, Saitama can defeat most opponents with a single punch. Also known as Caped Baldy, his hero’s name, Saitama, has no limits regarding power. 

He is a gag character who can defeat anyone. But the show isn’t boring at all since it’s not only comedic but has great side characters with great moments. The villains are also fascinating and play a significant role in the story.

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