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Rudeus Goes on a Crusade for His Roxy Doll

Mushoku Tensei is a series that has courted controversy from day one, mostly due to the behavior of the main character. When Rudeus was first reborn into this new world, he wasn’t a good person. He was a lazy bum that used his young age to get away with things that would land him in jail. He’s a flawed protagonist trying to become a better person; that’s the whole point of the series. However, even though he’s come a long way since starting his second life, he still tends to do things that some call controversial. For example, when he learns that one of the figurines he created got destroyed, he goes on a crusade to avenge this slight. 

In his defense, though, if someone came and destroyed something you worked long and hard on, you’d also react with hostility.

The Accused has Trampled on the Idol of the Goddess Roxy

It’s been a month since Rudeus and Zanoba bought Julie from the slave pens (and essentially adopted her), and her lessons are going well. She’s a smart, hardworking, and already starting to get the hang of wordless magic. Life’s going well for the three (and Sylphie, whose still crushing on a clueless Rudeus.) That is, until Rudy asks Zanoba to look at his masterpiece, the figurine he made of his beloved master, Roxy and…see for yourself.

Some people would consider Rudy’s hostile response to seeing the figurine destroyed as a major overreaction. Those who know him, though, see this as in-line with his character. Remember, Roxy was the whole reason he overcame his fear of the outside world; her teachings were all that kept him going after Dead End split up. So when he learns that Lilna and Pursena smashed it after besting Zanoba…he rallies the banners (Zanoba and Julie) and declares they’re going on a crusade.

To his credit, Rudeus handles things in the most efficient matter, not letting his anger overtake him. In addition, the curb-stomping shows just how strong he really is compared to most people. Traveling back from the Demon Continent did wonders for his strength.

The Crusade Leader Shows Remarkable Restraint 

What Rudeus does to the Doldian Duo is something that, under any circumstances, cannot be condoned or justified. Holding two girls captive in your bedroom as he conducts his trial is not something that should be done. The fact that he also gropes them briefly is also not something that should be condoned. None of this should be done to another person without their consent (people do do this stuff for enjoyment; let’s not judge them.) Even Rudeus can’t justify it to himself when he realizes he could use magic to fix the Roxy doll.

While many will complain about this online and saying this makes Rudeus a scumbag, they’re forgetting a few key things. Firstly, he is a scumbag, but one that has taken great strides towards becoming a better person. Put Rudeus in this exact scenario before Eris left him, and he would’ve happily enjoyed it without a care. Instead, he shows remarkable restraint, only resorting to scaring them so bad that by the time he frees them, they’re calling him “Boss.” Given their nature as delinquents, this will save him a lot of headaches soon.

Also, before you judge him, ask yourself: if you found out that someone had taken something you poured your heart and soul into and destroyed it, how would you react? Would you not react similarly to Rudeus and want to go John Wick on the one responsible?

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