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Love is in the Air on Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei S2, Ep 8 Review

Rudeus’ love life has never been the most stable. His first girlfriend left to get stronger without explaining things. Then the next girl he tried to date got mad at him for something that wasn’t his fault and left. However, that hasn’t stopped him from getting involved in the love lives of his classmates, whether he wants to or not. First, he has to deal with Cliff, and then the Doldian Duo’s issues get him in trouble. 

This is fun.

Cliff is in Love With the Last Person You’d Expect

Cliff Grimoire is many things. He’s the grandson of a Pope, a gifted mage in his own right, and ever since Rudeus arrived at school, his biggest hater. The main problem is his jealousy over Rudeus being better than him and the object of Eris’ affections. However, all that changes one day when he gazes upon Elinalise.

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