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Why hello there! We are tuning again into our blogger flow returning to a regular schedule.

We were gone for over a month, the computer has been foreign to me until now.  I missed blogging, sitting here wrapping my mind to what to write about as their are so many things. I tried to think of a word that would spark an idea then “Home” came to me. From life just past few months that word has come to mean more to me than ever and about what it truly signifies. Home is not a place majority of the time but the people in your life makes you feel the comfort of home and this feeling only grows bigger say when you move out of home or go abroad to study. We all need a place to call home but anime for me is a different kind of home that knows how tap into the human physic unlike other mediums. Why I felt like discussing some anime that signify a meaning of home and leave the good fuzzy.

Aria The Animation

I only started this anime this year but it left such a huge imprint on me that encapsulates a Neo Venezia version of tranquill italy, crystal waters and calm city that oozes vibrants of such life and culture. Akari training to become an undine takes in all the beauty of this place and what comes her way, taking in a new home for herself. She bathes in the sincerity of Neo Venezia and easy going people, surroundings that never make her question her choice to come to such a place. Reminds me of old home england this feeling basking in the traditions and habit I still do now, buy my imported tea, stuffing with a roast dinner. British culture ingrained into me that make me reminisce of the evolving person I was becoming until I moved countries. This anime reminded me of my old culture and engrained hold it will always have over me.

Skip and Loafer

Country bumpkin comes to the big city. I only completed this anime during July and truly what an endearing series. The best quality about Mitsumi the main female lead was how close she held her new connections of people she met and already ones from back home. Moving to a new school, place you are creating a new home for yourself every time but there is always that familiar you will be pulled back. Mitsumi ability to adapt to her new home of tokyo kind of bewildered me a lot as I take forever myself to adjust to anything due to my autism. Mitsumi as a character was truly a breath of fresh air bringing good vibes to no matter how indifferent people found her, she pressed on to make new, lasting bonds with the people that come to know her. This anime reminded me how close I hold old and new connections to home, it was wonderful to be reminded of an important feeling.

Takt. op Destiny

Even this anime was a flop for me in the end despite how engrossed I was till the end. There was memorable meaning left about what can be again. In a silent world where music if heard the D2 monsters go crazy, and people have to enjoy in secrecy. Takt boundless passion for music doesn’t stop him from imagining the keyboard in front of him or notes. Never stopping to dream of the familiar home of music that seems like a dream right now but will return. Blogging, my hobbies are a different kind of home, one of joy and dreams. Not engaging for an extended period has you yearning for, which would be the case here. The dream of writing for a few hours with no interruption keeps me held on until I have the important things out of the way. Takt held on to his music dream even though the home of it he once knew would never come back. But knowing somewhere inside of himself he can create a new home of music dreams that he will make become real. This anime reminded me of how the things we love doing seem far away or a dream from what we are currently wishing not to do. Makes you want to get back to that home of dreams and joy that align everything for you.

So home signifies a lot really and anime explores every angle I could have addressed here but each series no matter how small has a theme of home. This is all I have been feeling as of late and somehow I came up with a way to express that. Anime helps me do that explain my mush sentiments hahahaha. Not sure when I will be back to regular posting but I’ll do a follow up post explaining that a bit next time! good to be back writing for my blogging home!

See you in the next post!


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