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MVM Schedules Assassins Pride Collector’s Edition Blu-ray for November Release

It has been six months since MVM Entertainment announced it had secured the UK distribution rights to Assassins Pride, but today the UK distributor have confirmed on social media that Assassins Pride will be released on 30th November 2023 and in Collector’s Edition form.

Currently available to pre-order from Anime-On-Line, with additional retailer listings expected to appear in the coming weeks, the UK Collector’s Edition release of Assassins Pride will feature all 12 episodes of the series in English & Japanese (with English subtitles), presented across 2 Blu-Ray discs. In addition the set will contain 4 art cards. It is not known if the series will be presented in a rigid art box, or if the art cards will simply be inside the Blu-Ray case, but we can expect to find out more once the packaging is revealed closer to launch.

About: Against the savage monsters that lurk outside the glass walls of Flandore, the last remnants of humanity have only one defense: the mana magic wielded only by members of the Noble class. When Melida, heiress to House of Angel, fails to manifest her magic upon reaching majority, the half-vampire Kufa is sent with orders from her own Grandfather to resolve the issue… and if Melida cannot manifest mana, Kufa is to execute her for the crime of impure blood. But when Melida fails the test, Kufa can’t bring himself to kill the spirited young woman whose only fault was to have an adulterous mother. And so, instead, he commits the crime of giving Melida some of his own mana. Now, bound by magic and a deadly secret, the two must work together in order to stay alive in ASSASSINS PRIDE!

It is worth noting that Sentai Filmworks (Section23) released Assassins Pride on Blu-Ray in North America back in 2020 (with a steel book re-release in 2021) and was a standard release without any bonus content, so it is interesting that this UK release will come with art cards. That aside, we do expect that the disc contents of the US release will be the same as this upcoming UK release, albeit encoded for the UK market.

Assassins Pride is currently scheduled for 30th November 2023 release in the UK with pre-orders expected to appear shortly at online retailers.

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