Anime Diary #6

The wintery dread is clearing and spring is beginning to show itself. Rain and sunshine collide constantly during aussie spring it is so damn weird. 

Welcome to another installment of my anime diary where I am currently doing the 52week anime challenge which was set by another blogger Tessa earlier this year. I never reached my goal last year of watched 50 anime but since the last update in July we are quite close to the goal but there is a bit to smash out before the end of the year. I am very determined to complete as this was the only hobby goal I set for myself for the year. From now till December I’ll get a post up once to give more of a update, so we are not straying from the blog as well. 

My blogging has been sporadic lately because it’s been when I’ve felt like writing, currently there is a deep desire to write more but I go through a lot of motions. This time of not blogging like I have been, has been spent reading manga and of course watching anime. It’s been very fulfilling lately of what anime I have been consuming and seems to have hit the nail on the head of where my head space may be at. Watching anime is therapy and happiness rolled into one, that is something I don’t think will never change. 

Let’s see what I have completed for this diary round. 

Week 17 Senryu Girl 

I have not watched many anime shorts but Senryu Girl I knew was greatly loved by my blogger friends. This is just downright cute really following a literature club who half the time don’t end up doing much of anything on the club topic but following the members is very fun. Eiji and Nanako are just adoring together, beautiful bond they share, I grew a soft spot for them. This was a great watch during breakfast time on my work mornings if you want a good way to start your day! 

Week 18 Sugar Apple Fairytale S2

It was a painstaking wait for the second cour to come around for this one. A dark horse from the spring season this year. It wasn’t hard to get hooked when Challe appeared on the scene. I loved the first half of the series but the second half I felt had a few problems and especially the ending!! WHAT kind of ending was that…. yes series I am talking about. I have been left on a hanger here, not loving that. This anime I really enjoyed fairytale appearance but underhanded premise comes out to play, playing on a theme good old Rising of The Shield Hero did. My watching was broken up here delivering something different and I suggest to give a try if you are wanting that difference in your watching. 

Week 19 Dance Dance Danseur 

I recently did a podcast episode for this short series that had so much to say and I had so much to say as well. The ultimate anime package here terms of story quality, wonderful ballet music referencing, drama, animation. Everything to keep you engaged, I binged this within 2 days being 11 episodes and had me on a high for a good week after that. It proved to me that ballet industry is scary and ballet itself is beautiful yet ferocious in my opinion. If you would like to hear more of my thoughts, link to my podcast, you can find on the blog. 

Week 20 Fancy Lala 

Definitely this diary entry I watched more newer shows than old but this was such a cute magical girl show. It’s been ages since I watched a magical girl show but wanted something older. Meet nine year old Miho who comes upon these bat like creatures from a different dimension, bestowing upon Miho a (Sailor Moon influence) here of a transforming pen. Miho was able to transform herself into a young adult and embarks on a idol path while trying to remain a kid. Old school magical girl there will be nothing like it compared to the newer stuff we get, the extra details to the transformation scenes and intimate musical moments are something special. Fancy Lala examples this so wonderfully, it was a great watch for me to put on as I was cooking. A comfort watch if you love the magical girl scene!

Week 21 Bastard Heavy Metal S2

Based off the original manga that went on hiatus, I was surprised this was getting a adaptation. The creator of the series wanted to create a world based off his love of metal music and what a crazy world he did create. I have a lot of love for this hot mess of a show, it has all the things I love about 90s anime but put in a newer mold that works for the era of now. A metal rocking setting with fantasy mixed outrageous characters and questionable scenes, it’s some chaos. Season two arc was a bit more enjoyable than the first for me, not a negative there was more containing gag comedy that had myself in tatters. This show won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, gore is full on and sexual themes are at a high if you are cool with those then you will get the fulfillment out of this series. 

 Week 22 Skip and Loafer

Coming of age, school drama that was unlike other high school based series I’ve seen. Country bumpkin taking on the big Tokyo, Iwakura is an individual that is not phased by much. Taking everything in her stride as to why she is a strong lead for this truly full of heart series. So much character exploration, and focus on the individual dealings of each character and how Iwakura ability to make connections with anyone no matter who they are or what they have been labelled as. There is a lot of relative content that connects to our present of now that is a easy suck in for newer anime fans and easy to see why this anime has done so well. I truly enjoyed this one and the person I watched it with. 

Week 23 My Happy Marriage 

By far this anime has reached into my anime favourites already and could be my watch of the year. One of my anticipated watches of the year and it exceeded every hope I had. Historical, romance, Cinderella referencing, meiji era, this show knew it’s audience and delivered on the expectation that fingers were crossed for. The love it has received has my heart soar to be honest, it really is such a great story, care and thought were taken highly about a girl Miho who is shipped off to marry a man who is known to be cold and other brides have ran away from. It is a story about resilience and Miho paving her own happiness, not wishing to be pitied upon, acknowledging the angry hardship with clarity. If it’s been a while since you watched a romance, then this is it for you!

That’s all I have time for this entry but I’ll put up another one at the end of October. There will probably be way more to write about next round. Now all the Spring anime has started holy cow I am already in deep but their are too many good shows to not keep up with!

Hope you enjoyed and see you in the next one!

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