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FLCL Grunge Available to Stream on Channel 4 App within the UK

Following on from the additions of FLCL Alternative and FLCL Progressive earlier this year Channel 4 once again continues to support its streaming service with new [Adult Swim] content, as the latest chapter in the FLCL franchise, known as FLCL Grunge, is now available to stream on the Channel 4 streaming platform.

According to the Channel 4 website all three episodes of the anime series, produced by Production I.G are available to stream in English dub format; with the episodes themselves added to the platform on 30th September 2023.

About: Haruko returns in a colour-drenched, CGI-animated series to frenetically drag a new group of listless teenagers out of their existential funks.

The Channel 4 Streaming app are currently offering a wide variety of [Adult Swim] related content, most of which have been on the service for quite some time, but other anime styled titles include Housing Complex C and Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

Thanks: @markbegg49

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