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Migi & Dali – 4

Welcome all, to another episode of Migi & Dali! This week is a weird one. I mean, they’ve all been weird, but this one especially so. Why? Well lets skip this preamble jump right into it, you should figure it out fast.

Starting off, this episode puts our leads, Migi & Dali, in a new environment: School. On it’s own this doesn’t change much. Their goal is still to discover the room they stayed in with their mother, to track down their killer. Where before they tried to make friends in scouts, now they have to do the same in school. What makes it interesting are the new challenges a structured placed like school brings. Now they are organized into classes, with little reason or ability to socialize with those outside of it. On top of that, these classes are organized by “intelligence”, and by that I mean performance on tests, something that their time as orphans has ill prepared them for. Combine that with all the new experiences school brings, from homework to romance, and there’s a lot of these twins to deal with.

Before that, remember when I said I expected Migi & Dali to start splitting the twins up? To reveal cracks in their relationship, introduce differences in their characters? And we’ve slowly gotten that as Dali is focused on revenge while Migi more on just enjoying their new life? Well Migi & Dali did that again this week, taking it to a new extreme in the weirdest way possible. That romance I mentioned? Well turns out, Migi ends up falling for a mysterious beauty only ever seen studying in the library. And who is this beauty? Dali, looking for a quiet place to study but dressed up to not be mistaken for Migi while he’s in class! And the kicker? He plays into it as a means to get Migi to study harder, effectively playing with his heart to achieve his goal of high grades and moving up a class.

That’s kinda fucked up right? On a lot of levels? Migi finally finds something outside of his twin to love and cherish, only for the qualities he admired so much be in that same brother? And what about Dali lying to Migi, keeping it going, before playing the “Moving away” card to break it off cleanly? Does that mean he’s caring, or manipulative? And the best part of all of this? It’s clearly going to be discovered later on! Migi & Dali, with the broken necklace both now have a half of, has set up a landmine for future episodes. Something that’s going to test their relationship and, possibly, break them apart. If you ask me it’s great. Migi & Dali cut the romance short before it could get incestuously weird while setting it up as enough of a betrayal to still be relevant later on. I can’t wait, personally.

As for the non-romance stuff, this is pretty straight forward. They got put in the lowest class, scored terribly on tests, are generally not “book smart” kids. They’re clever, sure. They can figure things out, plan, and generally turn things to their advantage. But if you ask them what the capital of Norway is they won’t know, because it’s never been useful. Now though? If they want people to respect them, to get that easy access to their houses, than they are going to have to study up. Especially if they want access to Eiji’s house, as he’s the smartest kid in school and refuses to associate with “morons” as he puts it. Nothing to surprising here, it’s a classic “Work your way up” structure. What’s really going to decide if it works or not is what other sorts of challenges can be thrown toss in front of them on their way, as well as how compelling the side characters become.

So yeah, all in all a fun, if weird, episode. But if weird wasn’t what I was looking for than… Well why would I still be watching Migi & Dali, you know? Creepy weird shenanigans is the entire reason I’m still watching this show. The slow but compelling deterioration of these twins relationship is just the icing on the cake. I don’t even care about the murder mystery to be honest, I didn’t know the woman, we have no emotional connection to her. It’s the twins I care about! And so far, Migi & Dali has delivered on them. So long as it can keep that up, continue to dodge some of the pitfalls like it did by not getting to weirdly incestuous this episode, I expect it to continue to be one of my favorites.

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