A Galaxy Next Door Season 2: Canceled? But Why?

A Galaxy Next Door Season 2 is undoubtedly a globally awaited anime. The first season of the anime ended in June 2023, and since then, fans have been wondering if there will be another season of the fantastic anime. In significantly less time and just 12 episodes, this show managed to gain attention and popularity. It soon created a devoted fan base as well. But still, the question is A Galaxy Next Door returning for Season 2 or not? Well, the debut season finale has much to say about the next season. So, let’s head to see whether or not the legacy will continue.

A Galaxy Next Door, written and created by Gido Amagakure, started as a manga series in 2020. Later, in 2023, the manga got an anime adaptation, and later, Crunchyroll gained the broadcasting rights. Speaking of the anime series, A Galaxy Next Door is a rom-com/sci-fi-based series. This series has a unique combination of genres, making it even more impressive. The debut season quickly gained huge popularity, but was it enough for the show to get another season? Well, we have gathered all the information about A Galaxy Next Door Season 2. Keep scrolling and read till the end.

Is A Galaxy Next Door Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

At present, there is no conclusive information regarding the renewal of the anime series “A Galaxy Next Door Season 2.” Observing the anime industry, it is essential to consider various factors influencing the decision to renew or continue a particular series. Factors such as popularity, viewer ratings, profitability, and reception play a substantial role in determining whether a show should be granted another season.

Additionally, production studios need to ensure the availability and willingness of key staff members, including voice actors and producers, to renew the anime. In this case, without concrete announcements from relevant sources such as production committees or official statements by the studio involved, it remains uncertain whether Season 2 will be commissioned. It’s a fact that the debut season gained a lot of popularity. But still, there is no official announcement regarding A Galaxy Next Door Season 2.

Credit- Asahi Production

Which Studio Animated A Galaxy Next Door?

Asahi Production is a Japanese animation studio that animated A Galaxy Next Door with a rich history in the industry. Founded in 1973, the studio has established itself as a reputable and reliable provider of high-quality animated content. With over 40 years of experience, Asahi Production has produced numerous notable titles across different genres, including TV series and movies.

Some of their most popular anime are Peach Boy Riverside, Himegoto, Shuumatsu no Izetta, and many more. The studio has a talented team of animators, directors, and writers dedicated to delivering visually stunning and engaging storytelling. Additionally, Asahi Production values collaboration and strives to work closely with clients to ensure their creative vision is brought to life.

Their commitment to excellence has earned them recognition within the industry and a loyal following of fans worldwide. But Asahi Production hasn’t made any announcement regarding A Galaxy Next Door Season 2. So, it’s still uncertain whether they will animate the second season or not. 

Credit- Asahi Production

Is A Galaxy Next Door Manga Completed?

A Galaxy Next Door, written by Gido Amagakure, started publishing in 2020. Kodansha published the manga in Japanese as well as in English. The manga officially ended after three years of running on June 7, 2023. So far, a total of 5 volumes have come out. But A Galaxy Next Door manga is way too short, and that’s also one of the reasons why season 2 is being delayed.

It’s still uncertain where the anime has covered the source, but it seems there is insufficient source material. Now that the manga has also concluded, the chances of its sophomore run remain quite slim. However, the author also has another hit manga/anime series called Sweetness And Lighting, but that manga also concluded in 2018. For now, author Gido Amagakure isn’t working on any other project. Maybe there will be a movie or a 10-episode anime in the future. But for now, nothing can be assured.

Credit- Asahi Production

A Galaxy Next Door Season 2: Plot Details

A Galaxy Next Door plot revolves around Ichirou Kuga, an underrated mangaka. He’s been living a hectic and stressful life because his father has passed away. Now, he has to raise two of his siblings on his own. Ichirou has been renting a room in the house previously owned by his father and also worked hard as the mangaka. However, things aren’t going well for him.

His assistant left him, and now things become troublesome for him. When Ichirou was at his lowest, he came across Shiori Goshiki. Ichirou’s life has changed entirely after this encounter, as Shiori isn’t any ordinary girl. At the end of season 1, Ichiro invites Shiori to go on a date, and they also go shopping together. Shiori then confesses her feelings for Ichirou, but now, they cannot be together as cousins.

Credit- Asahi Production

Ichiro asks Sano for advice on making a date unique. They hold hands, but Ichirou falls. Soon, the anime focuses on their financial issues, Machi’s school trip, and Shiori’s jealousy. Shiori plans a surprise fireworks festival with their friends, and Ichiro is amazed by their connection. Shiori also plans to marry Ichiro once she becomes a successful manga artist.

In season 2, fans will see how Ichirou and Shiori get closer. Besides this, Shiori will finally confess her feelings for Ichirou. A Galaxy Next Door Season 2 will be even better than season 1, that’s for sure, and fans won’t be disappointed.

A Galaxy Next Door Cast & Production Team 

Anime voice actors are professional artists who provide the voices of anime characters. They play a crucial role in bringing these characters to life through their vocal performances. The Galaxy, Next Door cast is as follows.

Wakui Yuu as Goshiki Shiori

Yashiro Taku as Kuga Ichirou

Endou Rina as Kuga Machi

Naganawa Maria as Kuga Fumio

Takahashi Rie as Ibusuki Chihiro

Matsui Eriko as Makado Momiji

An anime production team is a group of professionals in the anime industry who collaborate to create an animated series. The Galaxy Next Door production team is as follows.

Kimura Ryuuichi as Director 

Ozawa Fumihiro as Producer

Tanaka Ryou as Sound Director 

Ootaki Tomoka as Character Designer 

Taira Arisa as Art Director 

Credit- Asahi Production

A Galaxy Next Door Season 2: Release Date 

A Galaxy Next Door Season 2 release date remains uncertain, with no official announcement by the production company. As such, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await further information regarding the highly anticipated series. There is also not enough source material, which might be why the show is being delayed. Fans want another season of A Galaxy Next Door, but they might have to wait for the renewal. The Anime Daily brings such anime news blogs daily, so visit the site often. 

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