Coppelion Season 2: Studio Secretly Cancelled It? Know The Reason!

Fans have been wondering if Coppelion Season 2 will come back after being dead for ten years. The show aired in 2013 and received mixed reviews from fans, but few fans liked the anime and wanted to see more of it. Will this anime series ever return, or has the show been canceled for good? Well, there are plenty of answers that fans are seeking. But will they ever get what they are looking for? As of now, the second season holds uncertainty. Let’s head to see the possibility of the sophomore run to return and what the boss has to say.

Coppelion, written and created by Tomonori Inoue, started as a manga series in 2008 and later adapted into anime in 2013. It is an active military fiction-based anime. The series’ plot was unique and way ahead of its time, probably the reason for its failure. Today, we have gathered all the information that fans need to know about Coppelion Season 2, so keep scrolling and reading till the end.

Is Coppelion Season 2: Canceled Or Not?

There has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of Coppelion Season 2. Despite its initial popularity and intriguing concept, Coppelion received mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike due to its inconsistent pacing and deviation from the source material.

While some fans remain hopeful for a potential second season or reboot, it is essential to note that several years have passed since the first season’s release without any updates. Therefore, it is unclear whether Coppelion will continue as an ongoing series or will remain confined to its initial thirteen episodes.

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Only time will tell if this uniquely dystopian anime will be given another opportunity on screen. But the major reason behind the anime being shelved is it didn’t sell well. Thus, fans were disappointed with it. Many fans mentioned that the anime storyline isn’t intriguing. So, the anime couldn’t keep them interested.

In fact, some also mentioned that a few episodes of the show were hard to handle. Hence, they struggled to understand it and eventually dropped it. The anime series did disappoint the fans. Perhaps that is why it isn’t getting renewed for Coppelion Season 2.

Which Studio Animated Coppelion?

GoHands is the animation studio that animated Coppelion. It is known for its high-quality and visually stunning productions. Established in 2008, the studio has significantly impacted the industry with its innovative art style and attention to detail. GoHands gained recognition for their work on the popular anime series “K” (also known as “K Project”), characterized by its vibrant color palette and striking visuals.

Credit- GoHands

Recently, they released another anime called The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses. Well, that anime is trending all over the internet. They also animated series like Mardock Scramble, Hand Shakers, and Princess Lovers. The studio’s unique approach to animation sets them apart from others, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create stunning 2D and 3D graphics seamlessly integrated into their works.

Remember, fans had no complaints about the animation style of Coppelion. They said it was bold and fitted perfectly with the story. But since the series didn’t help the studio gain any revenue or popularity, they haven’t renewed it for Coppelion Season 2. As of now, the studio isn’t working on anime either, so fans must wait until the animation studio comes forward and says anything.

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Is Coppelion Manga Finished?

Coppelion manga started serializing in 2008 in Kodansha. The manga series officially ended after eight years of running in 2016. The anime concluded with 26 volumes and 226 chapters. Some fans said that manga series are better than anime, and they prefer it over anime, too. However, according to Kodansha, the series didn’t sell well and had no revenue in profit.

In fact, the manga was also available to read on Crunchyroll from 2013 to 2018. But later, it was taken down as it wasn’t helping. This was because there were very few readers for this manga, so it was eventually taken down. Some believed manga had its flaws, and the plot was getting way too complicated. Fans were unable to understand it properly.

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Nevertheless, there is still enough source material for 2-3 complete seasons because season 1 of the manga only covered till chapter 54. Fane can start reading the manga from Chapter 55 for the further story, which may feature in Coppelion Season 2.

Coppelion Season 2: Plot

The plot centers on three genetically engineered high school girls, known as Coppelions, tasked with exploring the abandoned city after a nuclear disaster. Their unique abilities and heightened resistance to radiation make them ideal candidates for this dangerous mission. Throughout the series, these Coppelions encounter various challenges and obstacles while searching for survivors and uncovering the truth behind the catastrophe.

The plot delves into themes of survival, morality, and the consequences of human actions. With its well-developed characters and intricate storyline, “Coppelion” offers an engaging narrative that keeps viewers on edge as they witness both the physical dangers faced by these Coppelions as well as their emotional journey in a devastated world.

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At the end of Season 1, Kanon, a weaker train runner, is pursued by Shion, who warns her of her weakening powers. Onihei and his team, led by Ibara, rescue Shion and Kanon from her attacks. Shion saves Kanon, but she decides to die. Ibara convinces her to change her mind, and they later become friends.

Gennai passes away, and Kanon asks Ibara where the rescue team can land. Taeko gives birth to Ibuki’s twins, and the Coppelions bid farewell to the JAXA survivors. Ibara names Ibuki’s twins Riku and Sora. The plot for Coppelion Season 2 is still unknown. It’s uncertain if the anime will stick to manga in order or will drop a few chapters to avoid the problems that occurred before.

Is Coppelion Anime Canceled?

It seems like the anime has been canceled. There are several reasons why it can be canceled. First of all, manga and anime didn’t sell well, leaving the author and studio with no profit. Secondly, the show wasn’t loved by many fans. There were very few people who liked the show. And on the internet, people don’t even talk about Coppelion, and some also hate the anime.

But one thing to remember is that it isn’t for sure that the anime has been canceled because the author or the studio hasn’t announced it. However, it’s been ten years, so it’s safe to say that the anime has been canceled, and Coppelion Season 2 won’t be happening. But we will update this section as soon as we learn an official update.

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Coppelion Season 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, as of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of Coppelion Season 2. Coppelion is an anime series based on a manga written by Tomonori Inoue. The first season aired from October 2013 to December 2013 and received mixed reviews amongst critics and viewers alike. Since then, fans have eagerly awaited news of a second season.

Fans can watch the previous episodes of the show on Crunchyroll. Therefore, until reliable information is provided by the production studio or confirmed through official channels, it remains unknown whether Coppelion will continue with a second season. Fans should watch for updates or announcements from authorized sources for accurate details on a possible Season 2 release date. The Anime Daily brings such intriguing blogs almost daily, so visit the site often.

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