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Kingdoms of Ruin #04 — Behold My Lemon


…Okay, but why do you even have a lemon?


A pretty boring exposition-heavy episode mostly about things that don’t actually matter, especially in the first half. The only real amusement to be had was from the protagonist thrashing his hips around in agony like he was giving birth, or suddenly backhanding his nurses out of nowhere. Thankfully, about halfway in, it remembered that it was total nonsense and started spamming crazy-ass plot twists. We’re on the moon! That’s right, we’re a society of alien moon elves witches! Living on our secret pleasure garden. Frolicking and bathing. On the moon. Also, wasn’t the ultra-cancer magic-cancelling victrola turned on while they were casting their fake death spell that involved wrapping him in banadages and then launching him… to the moon

Well, whatever. Now it’s time to visit the moon tree, which is where not only elves witches are born, but actually just spits out homunculi that you can use to clone people. You do know that cloning someone isn’t the same as bringing them back to life, right? But actually, the moon witches are also secretly evil and enslaving humans to use as proxy terrorists, which, again, really seems like the humans are completely right to be absolutely terrified of them considering that just one of their thralls was able to obliterate a city. Not to mention that swearing apocalyptic genocide was literally the first response of an elf witch who also mass-produced WMDs that they keep harping on about being the most sublimely compassionate and peace-loving of all elves witches ever. This is such a very, very silly show, and the best part is that it has no cognizance of that whatsoever.

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