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The Shut-In Vampire Princess #04 — Dragon Ball V


What a convenient moment for the peanut gallery to show up.


At least the animation put in a respectable effort for the climax of the arc, but I found the earlier part of using magic rocks far more engaging than the big ending. Part of that was certainly the blaringly loud OP as an insert song being blasted out at top volume, but it was also one of the few parts of the fight that wasn’t one side standing still and spitting Touhou beams at the other. Even that was undercut at the end by being squashed by a giant rock and then being fine three seconds later because *waves hands and jingles keys*. The whole invincibility schtick that anime loves to fall back on is so unsatisfying compared to having the competence to block or dodge instead. 

I think that the antagonist was just kind of bad and it was a very unsatisfying way for her to go out also held back the episode a bit. Most of these twenty minutes were spent listening to her chew scenery at exhaustive length, but all it ever amounted to was that she had a douchebag for a father, took it out on a couple random classmates, and Komari is just the most innocent and perfectest girl ever. I can only listen to so much petulant shrieking about that, no matter how many distorted Higurashi faces she makes. She’s just a brat who keep stabbing people in the thigh for some reason.  

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