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Dead by Daylight Mobile and Attack on Titan Time-limited Crossover Now Available

While Dead by Daylight and Attack on Titan are not two IPs that you’d expect to see together a new event has recently launched for Dead by Daylight Mobile that outfits from the popular manga and anime brought to life in the game.

The Dead by Daylight and Attack on Titan crossover began on 26th October 2023 and runs until 9th November 2023. During this time players will be able to obtain outfits based on iconic Attack on Titan characters, such as Levi, Armin, Eren, Annie, Historia, Mikasa, Kenny Hange, Armored Titan, and War Hammer Titan.

In addition a new tiered system as part of Trapper Outfits. The Attack on Titan – The Trapper Outfit was reportedly developed into three different tiers: silver, gold, and platinum. The different tiers of the Outfit were designed according to Attack Titan’s appearance and characteristics in different periods of the original story, Beginning from a blood-stained dark red scheme, then to burning red, and finally the cold ice blue appearance in the last chapter of Attack on Titan.

This unique crossover also has much more to offer with customisation items and badges related to the Attack on Titan franchise also being accessible within Dead by Daylight. Regardless the crossover is available now, and will remain until 9th November 2023.

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