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Concealed, a suspense visual novel game, launches on Steam Next Week

CASCHA GAMES, in partnership with Neverland Entertainment, have today announced that the suspense visual novel game Concealed will launch on Steam for Windows PC on 8th November 2023. The game is adapted from the comic series Parallel and is expected to lead players into a horror story world.

Concealed features black white Japanese comic style with 7 chapters in chronological narratives, over 300k words, 20 characters, and dozens of scenarios. With traditional comic designs and dream scenarios in each chapter, the game presents a suspense story with ups and downs, letting players be immersed in the 20+ hour horror journey.

About: It all started from a peaceful semester when Meng Jiangnan returned to “”Diyingling”” high school after finishing her exchange program abroad.

Like all other regular students, Meng had been living a simple life in the school, until the occurrence of some weird incidents one after another…

With missing girls, unsolved cases, and bizarre urban tales circulating in the school for years, the truth is to be illuminated. Is it cruel or heartrending? Meng had to face what were about to happen all by herself…

Concealed is scheduled to be released on 8th November 2023 as a digital Windows PC title on Steam, with the game also available to wish list on the platform.

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