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YOHANE THE PARHELION -BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE- Demo Now Available on Steam (and Nintendo eShop in Japan)

A playable demo for Inti Creates Metroidvania styled Action-RPG YOHANE THE PARHELION -BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE- is now available to download on Steam worldwide. The same demo is also available to download from the Japanese Nintendo eShop (and is playable in English).

Yohane the Parhelion is an official spin-off of “Love Live! Sunshine” and sees players take control of Yohane as she ventures into a mysterious dungeon alongside her partner Lailaps. As part of this adventure she must challenge the monster-infested labyrinth in order to rescue her missing friends, and in order to do this Yohane will collect resources and build new tools (equipment) that will aid her in the journey. The playable demo will allow players to explore a small portion of the game, including encounter bosses and develop new equipment.

About: When an undersea dungeon suddenly surfaces in the ocean near Numazu, it becomes the talk of the town. Several of Yohane’s curious friends venture inside to investigate. However, not a single one has returned from the labyrinth… In order to rescue her friends, Yohane herself must brave the depths. She’ll encounter fierce challenges, such as monstrous fish and ever-changing corridors. Will Yohane be able to rescue her friends and uncover the mystery of the dungeon?

YOHANE THE PARHELION -BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE- is a 2D side-scrolling adventure, but also features voiced visual novel styled dialogue segments that help move the story forward. The voice cast featured within the game can also be found below:

– Yohane (VA. Aika Kobayashi)
– Lailaps (VA. Yoko Hikasa)
– Hanamaru (VA. Kanako Takatsuki)
– Dia (VA. Arisa Komiya)
– Ruby (VA. Ai Furihata)
– Chika (VA. Anju Inami)
– You (VA. Shuka Saito)
– Kanan (VA. Nanaka Suwa)
– Riko (VA. Rikako Aida)
– Mari (VA. Aina Suzuki)

YOHANE THE PARHELION -BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE- is expected to be released digitally on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows PC. A physical Japanese release on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 (which is expected to feature English text/subtitle support) is also planned. Both are expected to be released on 16th November 2023, but in the demo the playable demo is now available to download on Steam (and from Japanese Nintendo eShop).

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