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Shut-in Vampire Princess #05 — Totally Not Suspicious Disney Princess


And a mad cackling priest.


I can see why they needed to skip the OP and half of the ED. How else would they fit in an entire dressing montage with self-introduction narration? As expected, not a particularly thrilling episode, though I did assume it’d go fully back to the bad comedy and instead it was just a barrage of character introduction for the new arc, hunting down some mysterious assassin who’s not really seemingly accomplishing much since everybody just blips back to life immediately. Which really raises the question of what’s the point. You’d think that’d be something they want to establish early, or at the very least that there’s some actual assassinating going on, but that all happens off-screen, and isn’t even important enough to be a topic at brunch, sooooo…

Anyway, there’s only three newbies, and they badly want the rabbit-eared girl to come off as the antagonist, but she’s easily the least suspicious of the lot and all her complaints are pretty much correct. The priest who raised the other new girl with the least screen time having suspicious meetings is likely the mastermind or something, with 50/50 on said girl being an accomplice in some way. They really wanted to go out of their way to make her exactly the same as Komari, but soft spoken, but I honestly do not know if the show’s writing is poor enough to expect the obvious twist that she’s secretly whatever else, or if it really is that bad.


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