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Burn the Witch and To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts UK Blu-Ray Releases Delayed

Despite both Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray releases of Burn the Witch and To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts being listed for a 30th October 2023 release (and still being listed as such on the AllTheAnime Store), it is now been revealed, via new listings on Amazon UK and Anime-On-Line, that they have been delayed.

Burn the Witch currently has a new release date of 13th November 2023 listed on Amazon UK and Anime-On-Line, which is only a 2 week delay compared to its previous release date.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts meanwhile has had a rather extensive delay, with the set now scheduled to be released on 29th January 2024, as seen listed on Amazon UK and Anime-On-Line.

With the new release dates appearing on product listings at other retailers we can expect Anime Limited to update their own store later this week (assuming Scotland Loves Anime doesn’t distract them of course). It’s also unclear what caused the release dates to be changed, although we can only suspect some kind of delay during production (for To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts) and distribution of stock to retailers (for Burn the Witch).

Regardless, these are the current new release dates for the aforementioned titles and you can view the full list of titles due out in 2023 (and early 2024) on our release schedule.

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