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The Kingdoms of Ruin #06 — Brainwashapalooza


I can’t wait to make an astroTERFing pun.


Speaking of two minute recaps, this one had one too. As if the budget wasn’t bad enough. It was also a bit of a strangely paced episode, with the obvious lie from the end of the last episode not coming until twenty goddamned minutes into this one and all the bonkers twists in the middle. It’s weird to end two episodes in a row in exactly the same way. It’s also still doing absolutely nothing to change that humanity’s fear of elves moon witches is entirely justified. Hell, they don’t even die when cut in half. How are they even talking without lungs? The power of namedropping the title of the show trumps all.

Anyway, I don’t even get what Pink was trying to do or prove here. By using magic to mass brainwash her attackers, that will bring peace? And now she’s upset that the dude got killed instead of being brainjacked by her? I mean, okay, I guess living as a brainwashed puppet might be able to be undone so is maybe technically preferable, but then what? They just send him home, no harm, no foul? Aside from the mass-murder. And then they jump to the human king and show that he’s been in the thrall of a witch this entire time, who used that same spell to completely mindjack everybody and embark on a campaign of sexist megalomania. That’s right. The whole thing has been some kind of moon witch dickwaving fight with humans caught in the middle. Again, only showing that humanity has ever reason to be terrified of these genocidal racist lunatics. Probably a TERF too, since there is no way in hell this show is going to be able to grapple with gender identity stuff. Oh wait. We already had that horrific stereotype as the throwaway ‘comic relief’ jailer. Good god.

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