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Crunchyroll Confirms 4K Blu-Ray Release of Suzume for release later in 2024 with DVD & Blu-Ray Editions Scheduled for 1st April 2024

Crunchyroll have today confirmed, via a press release, that a 4K Blu-Ray version of Suzume is planned for a UK release later in 2024, while the previously revealed DVD & Blu-Ray editions (of which we reported on here) will release on 1st April 2024.

While we do not have any specifics about the 4K Blu-Ray version at least we do now know that one is being planned for release during 2024, as it was one of the biggest questions being asked when listings for the film on Blu-Ray and DVD appeared online. An extract from the press release, highlighting the 4K Release and confirmation of the standard DVD & Blu-Ray release date, can be seen below:

Crunchyroll, the ultimate home for anime world wide, has announced the upcoming home entertainment release of “Suzume” directed by auteur filmmaker Makoto Shinkai. 

4 editions will be released on 1st April:

DVD Regular Edition

Blu-ray Regular Edition

DVD & Blu-ray Steelbook Edition

DVD & Blu-ray Limited Edition

Details about content, extra features, and price will be shared soon. A Blu-ray 4K edition is also scheduled for release later in the year. 

As it stands Suzume will release on Standard DVD, Standard Blu-Ray, Steelbook Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Pack, and Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray & DVD Combo Pack on 1st April 2024 in the UK with pre-orders available at online retailers. The newly confirmed 4K Blu-Ray version will be released at a later date in 2024 with further details to be announced.

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