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The Apothecary Diaries #07 — The Eternal Monologues of an Empty Mind


Don’t strain the budget too much here.


There’s only so long that I can stand a recap monologue, and almost half of this episode was consumed by one. Maomao just standing there, recapping the whole poisoning thing from last week while the other dude occasionally interjects to say “I see” or “Could you explain that further” with all the presence and personality of a Bioware protagonist. And that is quickly followed by having to suffer through the internally narrated ranting of Random Dude, who I don’t even know what they’re doing with, as he wants out to go visit the local whores, so not likely to be a rival or anything but throwaway comic relief.

At this point, we’re 19 minutes into the episode and the most exciting thing to happen was the brothel leader kidney punching Maomao, so time to hastily… go to bed while her father stares ominously at her. Given every other cliffhanger this show has ended episodes with though, it’s probably because he had something in his eye. Mostly, it just reminded me that the reaction literally everybody has had in this show upon learning she was kidnapped and fraudulently sold into sexual slavery was “Gee, sucks for you, but I ain’t doing jack about that.” So why should daddy be any different?

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