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Vampire Princess #07 — Drop a Rock on Them


Get a new move.


Seriously. What is with this show and dropping boulders on people? You have all manner of magic to pull out of your vampire butts, and the big finishing move that every single one of them comes up with is “create large stone in air.” It also continues to be weird on the writing front because both these people are completely justified in pretty much everything that they accuse Komari of doing while she keeps lying about it and antagonizing them further. Could lean in to her wit, craftiness, or intelligence at the very least for how she confronts them and defends herself, kind of like how she did in the fight against whose-her-face. Also, are we just not bringing any of those magic rocks to this fight? She can apparently teleport people around too, but that’s reserved only for cleaning up the battlefield? Those seem like things that would be useful right about now. We gassed multiple armies as an aside. Seems like it could’ve/should’ve been part of the actual plan.

But an okayish episode overall. People being stabbed, people being crushed, actually dramatic speeches, etc. The poor production means that the stabbings are nowhere near as fun as they could’ve been, and the nonsense writing continuing to faff over killing immortal people who snap back to life the next day which it constantly also uses as a punchline makes all the drama still not work at all, but this season is what it is. The only real reveal is that the true mastermind is probably not the shady priest after all but the other screaming dude, which I’m sure it thinks will be a big twist, but this dude has had approximately 15 seconds of screentime and about as much voice time, so it may as well be just some random grunt.

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