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Shut-In Vampire Princess #06 — Vampire Democracy


Why even have a queen if she doesn’t even get a vote?


I’m going to harp on about something that seems trivial because it was another very dull episode. There are seven vampire lords or whatever, right? There are seven people at the table. So we go through this whole rigamorale when it’s obvious that there are at least three people on her side; herself, Sakuna, and the queen. And then the priest says he’s voting for her too. Four people out of seven. And then they keep going about how that’s a minority, because apparently unsaid at any point is that the queen doesn’t get a vote, nor does the accused, so in this seven person council, only five people are voting. Of all the asinine things it spends the time to harp on about, this is something that goes unsaid and unexplained. Not that I wanted an explanation of Robert’s Rules of Vampire Order either, but maybe structure your majority vote scenes where the people in the caucus voting isn’t bizarrely obfuscated.

But the ‘real’ thing of the episode was the shocking (ie not at all shocking) reveal that Sakuna is indeed the assassin in question because she’s being blackmailed. And she is just oh so tortured by it, even while the maid does the exact same thing that she’s doing, but for gags. These people pop right back up to life. Why is she so bothered by it? And she literally spews out her entire motivation and that she can futz with memories before asking to hug her by the neck with her hands, so… protagonists not winning any awards in the awareness deparment either. This is on top of the bunny-eared lady still making plenty of good points about Komari being a nepotism brat who is entirely unqualified in any way, while instead of making any arguments about leadership, intelligence, etc, Komari chooses to antagonize and provoke her instead. Is that supposed to be for comedy? It’s still not working.

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