Anime Diary #7

Oh yes the next part I was suppose to write in October. lol. 

Welcome to another installment of my anime diary where I am currently doing the 52week anime challenge which was set by another blogger Tessa earlier this year. Slowly Summer has begun to appear with a blip day of 105F just this weekend, the weather bureau is predicting a hot one for the aussie land. I am here for it and not, the not part regarding bushfires. 6 to 7 weeks away Christmas and my favourite crazy time of year has begun because the Christmas decorations are up already, earliest to date I’ve ever put them up. 

I am in the crunch period of getting to my goal and might have to start choosing some shorter series at this point. Still I am on track at this point to hit the 50 goal, so let’s see what I have completed this round. 

Week 24 Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion 

Webtoon adaptations are becoming the new normal now and I am loving their stories bringing something new to the anime table. Webtoon adaptations practically non-existence when I got into anime big time, lot of the plots are twist turning, have great romance pull and full of mystery like this series. I haven’t read the webtoon yet but the series was enthralling how I had anticipated. Raeliana reincarnated into a webtoon where her character is set to die but tries to change her fate starting with the duke. Very forward thinking Raeliana has to play and pay attention to her surroundings, very enjoyable angle that I hadn’t felt excited about in a long while. I do hope this one isn’t left in the unfinished season pile but I know I can read the webtoon in the meantime. 

Week 25 Demonslayer Swordsmith Arc 

Completely forgot Season 3 of the Demon Slayer was coming one of only 3 shonen I’m actually following. I noticed fans were saying entertainment district was way better. . . well that was quite the high rush and thoroughly I enjoyed. Swordsmith Arc was a painstaking ache of deep emotions and turmoil for those involved. I loved learning about Muichirou and Mitsuri from the Demon killing Corps until now there was connection to these characters for anyone I think but now Mitsuri must be apart of my figurine collection. The girl who loves loves. One of the best moments was saved in this arc that seeing that on social media I’ll tear up about easily. This arc was good for exploring the helm of the backups, like Tanjiro swordmaker who’s fixing the sword every season. Great character exploration, all the arcs for this shonen are great for different viewpoints. 

Week 26 Takt op.Destiny 

This series sounded cool world about music banned due to these monsters known as D2 set off by the slighest sound. Only the conductors and their musicarts can defeat them, Out of all the anime I have watched for this challenge, we were a bit disappointed, the last half of the series let down the potential of the show. Takt main male and female lead you get attached to and their mission they come as one to fulfill but a cool concept went down the toilet here. The main couple were my only favourite thing about the series, oh well. 

Week 27 Dr Stone New World First Cour 

Wasn’t sure what to think of Dr Stone when it first came out humanity becoming petrified and sent back the the prehistoric age. The curiosity element was there for me but right after I got swallowed in the main cast of characters. Senku is an incredibly entertaining mind to follow and that has stuck even while Season 3 is airing right now. The kingdom of science has grown a lot full of funny and comedic characters, probably for this reason alone why it’s become a Shonen favourite for me. Educational and fun shonen which you’re learning and being reminding of shit you forgot in school, another element that works so well with the plot of the story. The direction of the story is reaching a climax point now for all the characters and were here till the end. I’m watching the next cour as we speak but this is a series for my anime collection for sure. 

Week 28 Oshi no Ko

Wow what to say about this taking the world by storm alone with it’s first episode which received a million views. This series has the full anime package for what makes a good anime. enticing plot, likeable characters, presenting a relatable theme, self expression from the creator, gorgeous animation. We binged this within two days and was the best trip, a rabbit hole look into the idol world from Japan and the harsh truths about the industry. Also a gutsy plot to support a heavy topic. Drama filled and gutsy this series but really is no wonder the success it has had. Season 2 will be around the corner and a series must know the full outcome of. If you have not jumped on board with then get to it. 

Week 29 My Love Story With Yamada-kun At Lv999

Nerd couple for the win here from Madhouse, loveable, cute and satisfying to the T. Nerdy comedy romances always seems to do well speaking to all us geeks and nerds. My favourite thing was the facial expressions and Akane. Facial expression in this shows just have you in tatters that won’t take long for them to be internet memes. Actually also lie my third favourite thing was the music, reminded of the style from the Free! sound tracks. Urban, lofi beats vibe suited this show really well still can’t figure out why but just does. Oh yes Akane was a delight as the main female lead, I understood every emotion this girl was going through an easy character to connect with. Such an easy show for anyone to fall in love and I would say is a great starter place for new people as well. 


Hopefully next round I have reached 35 is the goal or above but I am hopeful at this point to reach my aim.
See you in the next post!

Lita Kino


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