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The Apothecary Diaries #06 — Orgasm And Purge


Why does she sparkle after vomiting?


This didn’t feel like a particularly well-put together episode. There was the random dude out of nowhere dropping off a pin and then vanishing back into the void, but then it moved focus to the child concubine (sigh). Except she also only got about twenty seconds of screen time, so even as the mystery of the week, it was really insubstantial. Other than someone poisoning food, her whole deal didn’t seem like they were going anywhere with it/her. She’s being harassed by her maids because… well, sorry. That’s our twenty seconds up and we’re moving on. You might think that this is just the introduction to some arc, but the next episode preview puts that to rest. 

More focus was given to Maomao having a small orgasm from tasting poison like this was a bloody Food Wars episode. Which just stuck out all the more as she then went to purge repeatedly, what with the poison and all, and this being anime, came out of it completely spotless and probably smelling like roses. While holding a bucket of her vomit. Come on, anime. At least do the barest minimum of some lines under the eyes or a haggard face. This is just lazy. But almost the entire first half of the episode was just shenanigans among I’m pretty sure unnamed sub-concubines scampering around, explaining the local incestuous court family tree, so I can’t say that any part of this episode felt like it had much purpose.


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