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The Kingdoms of Ruin #08 — Idol Propoganda


Was this supposed to be a music themed episode?


Having whipped the entire world into an anti-witch frenzy, brainwashing and assassinating the king, his immortal teenage wife has dropped all pretenses and is just out there throwing raves where she flagrantly flaunting her magic out in the open as the whole world watches. And everybody’s I guess just like… welp, we were anti-witch before, but an idol? That’s a whole different story. We’re not racist against idols. 

Meanwhile, now that Edgelord McDarkness has escaped the terrible ravages of the moon witches and the drunk velociraptors, he can move on to… doing sick motorcycle jumps and going to western towns. What era is this setting even supposed to be? Which is largely an excuse to do schtick with Pinky until the last couple minutes of the episode where they find a dude sitting in a jail cell serenading a corpse who they scream at. I’m not exaggerating for comedic effect. You’d think this would be a bunch of red flags that he’s secretly a werewolf or something, but no. That’s apparently the dude’s whole arc. He’s sad and just wants to be left with his corpse, so they piss right off. Great stop at this town, guys. Truly worthwhile.

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