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Bandai Namco Amusement Europe Launches New Stores in Brighton, Ealing and Sheffield this December

Following on from the success of the Bandai Namco Cross Store in Camden Market earlier this year, and last months store opening in Victoria Station, Bandai Namco Amusement Europe have now announced that additional stores in Brighton, Ealing and Sheffield will be opening later this month.

Unlike the Cross Store in Camden Market, which features Gashapon, Ichibankuji, Sun-Star Stationary, Figures and Games, these new stores will mostly only feature Gashapon and Sun-Star Stationary. Regardless, it is great to see Bandai Namco Amusement expanding this culture outside of London. A breakdown of opening dates and locations can be found below:

7th December 2023:
Ealing -> featuring Gashapon, Ichibankuji and Sun-Star Stationery

12th December 2023:
Brighton -> featuring arcade games and Gashapon

TBC [Possibly 12th December 2023]:
Sheffield (Meadowhall) -> featuring Gashapon and Sun-Star Stationery.  

So what exactly does Gashapon, Ichibankuji and Sun-Star Stationery, well Bandai Namco Amusement Europe have kindly provided us with an explanation for each:

What is GASHAPON? 
GASHAPON is BANDAI’s miniature capsule collectables and vending machines. The name is a combination of the “clunk (gasha)” sound made when the handle is turned, and how the capsule “pops (pon)” out of the machine. GASHAPON BANDAI OFFICIAL SHOP is a GASHAPON dedicated capsule collectable shop, featuring many of Bandai’s products. You will be introduced to some of your favourite Japanese characters and an array of on trend miniature collectables.  

What is Ichbankuji? 
“Bandai Namco presents Ichibankuji, the unique Japanese experience where every player is a winner. Meaning “Number One Lottery” in Japanese, the Kuji combines high-quality exclusive Anime collectibles with a lucky-dip style draw with prizes ranging from detailed statues, character plush and much more. Simply ‘Peel & Reveal’ your ticket to claim your prize with every draw being a guaranteed win!”  

What is Sun-Star Stationery? 
Sun-Star Stationery is a Japanese company part of the Bandai Namco Group. They create cute (kawaii) and practical stationery and everyday items, including products featuring popular Japanese characters. Enter the world of “Practi-Kawaii” at the Sun-Star Stationery Shop. 

The Bandai Namco Stores in Ealing, Brighton and Sheffield (Meadowhall) are all expected to open later this month. In the meantime Bandai Namco Cross Store is open in Camden Market while another Bandai Namco Store is open in Victoria Station, both of which are located in London.

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