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Patron Pick Fall 2023: Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen – 10

Apparently Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen has used up all the manga material and thus transitioned to original.   This started last week and I noted that the transition seemed pretty seamless to me.  That wasn’t the case here, as we got a bunch of short comic vignettes stung together without much of a unifying theme (except perhaps “autumn”).  Some of them were quite amusing but on the whole it was more like a Blu-ray extra than a real episode of the series, with all that implies.

Shirosaki being convinced Momose loved acorns was part of that autumnal theme.  Cute but no more than that.
Shirosaki paying with his credit card when he went to the conbini to break a ¥10,000 note did make me laugh.
Aoyama-san’s “I’m not wearing pants” declaration during the Zoom meeting was another amusing moment.  The interesting part is speculating whether or not he was being serious (I vote yes).
Yes, I knew as soon as the cabbie mentioned a huge cat he was talking about Maine Coons.  They really are freakishly big.
Apparently the boys live in Kichijoji (which has gotten a fair amount of anime exposure lately), where I lived for a few months when I first moved to Tokyo and one of the nicest towns in the metro area.  That includes Inokashira Park, which is a lovely place with great fall colors.  It does indeed have a shrine and a pond with swan boats.  And there is indeed a well-know superstition that any couple who ride in one will break up.  Whether the thing about the antidote swan with eyebrows is based on a real legend I have no idea.
Again, the couple hinting could hardly be more broad.
“Wild” squirrels” – is that a big thing I was unaware of?  What would constitute a non-wild squirrel?

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