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PSYCHO-PASS: Providence Now Available to Stream on Crunchyroll

Following on from its cinematic release earlier this year, Crunchyroll have now added PSYCHO-PASS: Providence, a feature-length-film within the PSYCHO-PASS franchise that bridges the gap between PSYCHO-PASS Sinners of the System Case 3: On the Other Side of Love and Hate and season 3 of the PSYCHO-PASS TV series, to their streaming platform.

The film, which is just over 2 hours long, is available to stream in both English and Japanese (with English subtitles).

January 2118. Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department, Akane Tsunemori, receives a report of an incident on a foreign vessel – the body of Professor Milicia Stronskaya has been discovered. Behind the incident is a group known as the Peacebreakers, a foreign paramilitary organisation and a new outside threat who are targeting the professor’s research papers known as the “Stronskaya Document”. 

Reunited with Shinya Kogami, a former fugitive from the Criminal Investigation Department, Akane grapples with a case that quickly escalates beyond their expectations. The Stronskaya Papers could reveal a truth that would shake Japan’s government, and even the Sibyl System, to the core.

It is in this untold story that the missing link is revealed.

The English Dub voice cast can also be found below:

Kate Oxley (Akane Tsunemori)

Robert McCollum (Shinya Kogami)

Jessie James (Nobuchika Ginoza)

Cherami Leigh (Mika Shimotsuki)

Mike McFarland (Teppei Sugo)

Z. Charles Bolton (Sho Hinakawa)

Lindsay Seidel (Yayoi Kunizuka)

Lydia Mackay (Shion Karanomori)

Erin Kelly Noble (Frederica Hanashiro)

Dallas Reid (Arata Shindo)

Eduardo Vildasol (Kei Mikhail)

Stephanie Young (Dominator).

PSYCHO-PASS is available to stream on Crunchyroll, with the first and second seasons, as well as the Movie and Sinnners of the Systems OVAs, available on Blu-Ray in the UK. The third season is also available to stream on Amazon Prime. In the meantime PSYCHO-PASS: Providence is available to stream on Crunchyroll, but it is unknown if the film will receive a home video release.

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