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Shut-in Vampire Princess #10 — Violence Against Giraffes


And by giraffes, I guess.


It’s really weird to me that in one scene, the violence is a giraffe man spinning his neck like a helicopter, and the next, people are being stabbed in the neck with big blood spurts. I’m pretty sure you’d instantly give yourself an aneurysm twirling the brain basket around like that anyway, but who am I to comment on the physiology of immortal giraffe demihumans? And somehow they’re not the ones that ended up stabbed in the necks. It’s still not moving that fast though. War begins and all the filler characters, plus a couple more conjured up out of thin air, get precisely five seconds to do an attack, which is mostly shown as explosions from very far back.

At least this arc seems to be moving away from the filler and to the stronger side of the show a bit sooner than the last couple arcs. Well, somewhat. We get right to working with the enemy to coup it up, but after two arcs of an angry father figure being a jerk to poor defenseless girl-curious girls, it’s right back into another one. Kind of feels like we’re almost speedrunning the tropes from the previous two arcs, though this time, the one with the crush is the fighter type while the pacificist one gets to be comic relief. But a bond forged over offering pudding? Well, that’s the kind of thing that stays with you forever.


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