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Zom 100 #10 — Evil Clones


Ah yes. Zombie apocalypses. A true Christmas special.

At the moment, I’m one of only two people awake in the house, but I expect that to likely change before I can get to the other two episodes of this.


It’s been three months, so on one hand, I kind of understand an episode entirely dedicated to soft recap; every character re-explaining their gimmick as they get paired up with the rando they’re likely going to have to save from their evil clones. But on the other hand, these characters weren’t all that deep or complex to begin with, and both girls got shafted as usual. One is paired up with the local Happosai wannabe serial molester, and the other paired up with… nobody? A horse? Well, maybe it’s reading too much into it because it’s not like the comic relief dude got much either; just some random sad girl to babysit. The protagonist is the one who gets a pack of girls, his dad, and an evil clone.

And no, I’m not joking about evil clones either. They have their own evil book of evil things to evil do before evilly dying. Which they spend the last minute or so of the episode explaining. Not trying to take the village for themselves or anything at all. The rest of the evil Scooby Gang barely get to exist. Just here to start trouble because they’re so eeeeevvviiiil. They’re about as interesting and morally deep as that rabid shark with legs, except require far less animation and chew up way more scenery. …I miss the shark.


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