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Zom 100 #11 — The Side Character Episode


Oh, they do get to do something after all.

People are actually waking up, so the final of this three episode dump will have to wait for a while.


Man, when you have to get through… what? Four ‘tragic’ flashbacks in a hurried attempt to characterize antagonists right before offing them, things come off just a teensy weensy bit rushed and superficial. I also have to admit that I’m at least passingly familiar with this part of the manga, and the ‘sickness’ that the dad keeps clutching his chest over and collapsing in dramatic agony is a punchline (it’s hemorrhoids), which does not make any of those scenes any better.

It’s not much different from the rest of the show as I can dimly recall from three months ago; that its main failing is a total lack of complexity or subtlety. Everybody is just out here screaming their motivations and characterizations at each other at the drop of the hat. The best handled one was probably the dude leaping into the cistern, just because it only had a small amount of moralizing and gasping in horrified shock/giving in to death the very second things didn’t go according to plan. Well, considering that one of the competition was yet another goddamned groper for the teenager in the crowd, there wasn’t a ton of competition either.

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