2024 Outlook

    Brief overview of what’s happening for this blog in 2024. 

2024 is just around the corner and the blog enters a new era. 


It’s always a new blog era whenever the new year is rolling around. I would like to extend a welcome and hello to new followers of the blog that I noticed over 2023 pop up. 2023 was life changing for me personally but not so much for the blog. My focus was not on the blog in 2023 but still whenever I had a spare moment to take to do some writing it was more meaningful than it has felt. 

Face Lift

You may have noticed the blog got a face lift a little while ago which meant I had to go back to a paying wordpress plan. I truly was tired of the old design, right now I am only 50% happy with how things, I will tweak the design a bit but all these new wordpress features while editing your blog template is a bit tedious. It really was spur of the moment to change up the blog and looks way better. So having a face lift going into 2024 was part of the plan haha.

Scheduled In Advanced

2024 we are 100% organised for so far I have scheduled majority for the first six months worth of posts for 2024 and there is a reason for that. I haven’t studied in a long time and a opportunity came up for a course I’ve been interested in and I was accepted. The study goes for the whole year. I still don’t know what the workload will be like, so I took measures for the blog in advance. Posts will still come out every Wednesday as usual but terms of extra posts I don’t know depending how much time this course will take up. 

2024 may not seem like it will be different for the blog but on my end it will as life will be a little busier but I just couldn’t bare the thought of the blog suffering. There are many things I’ve been wanting to write about so each week will be a surprise for what topic will be up for discussion. I hope old and new followers of the blog will continue to stick around and I just look forward to another year of anime. The line already is looking great especially in January!! 

Enjoy the new year celebration whatever you are doing! Here’s to another year of connection and anime  

See you soon!

Lita xxxxx 

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