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Zom 100 #12 — Convenient Cosmetics


Was blush really needed here?


Since I brought up the shark, it reminds me that the way they fought and defeated it was through an imprompu lesson on shark physiology. And instead, here, at the climax and ending of the show, they defeat the baddie, his evil clone, by… shambling and moaning a little bit. Which they tried to play up by saying that they had a whole make-up kit and professional make-up… to achieve the result of making a dude look grubby and blood-splattered after fighting zombies and having blood splattered all over him. This is the kind of dumbass plan that you expect the baddie to immediately see through and give an arrogant speech about it being too stupid to trick him as a distraction for the real plan. But there is no real plan. That was the real plan. It makes me sigh.

But it ends. Finally. After a three month break which already had a whole month off from production issues. Well, better than working their animators to death, especially after the first episode’s potshots at OLM for doing that (Bug Films is made up of mainly animators from OLM). I wish it had been more consistent, especially the writing, which couldn’t seem to decide how serious the apocalypse was. All these scenes about people being traumatized by the death and destruction around them end up juxtaposed with the main characters treating it like a party game and goofing off. I think the premise would’ve worked a lot better as a coping method or at least them trying to be something like knight errants, when instead they mostly come off as childish idiots, which doesn’t mesh well for me when it keeps trying to go back to the well of apocalyptic death and suffering. 


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