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Synduality Noir #14 — To the Moon!


We have androids and mechs, but can’t build a simple propulsion rocket?


Wait, how do they have global communications internet if satellites are some kind of unknown thing? Aaaanyway… I’ve definitely lost the thread of this show, and it didn’t have much of one to begin with. They were looking for clues as to what Noir was and fighting the endless plague of apocalyptic wasteland robots? Now they’re training because the dude doesn’t have enough core strength to go on a trip to Israel, but they’re also building a rocket at home, because they detected weird signals from space which must be the mythical garden of paradise or whatever, and that definitely needs a six pack. Which everybody just… goes along with, even while Kanata is pining for the girl that only shows up to waterboard him.

But a huge chunk of the episode is just the wannabe girlfriend whining about how she’s doing nothing, nothing’s working, and that makes her insecure. I’m not joking about Israel either. They specifically say he’s en route to Gaza, which really seems like something somebody should have looked at current events and thought to themselves “Maybe pick a different random place name on Earth, or make something up instead.” I guess we’re not really that interested in fighting evil robots or investigating Noir after all.  And the entire cast is inevitably tagging along, though we’ve mercifully not seen the Team Rocket duo this season… yet. It seems inevitable they’ll be back.

And finally, I am caught up. Whew.


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