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High Card #14 — El Flash


Wait, are they in Spain now?


Hold up. Wasn’t the existence of magical cards/super powers supposed to be a secret? Isn’t that the whole deal with that one cop lady? And here we have a whole country ruled by a cult with a resident superhero openly flaunting his super powers. Well, okay, I guess. Just another in the many plotholes that are best not thought about when it comes to the overall setting. I’m not even sure why they’re after him, to be honest. Seems like a power the antagonists would be far more interested in, and they should be there because the antagonists are there, which would also work off him being a goofy ham not taking things seriously and getting in over his head when having to deal with things besides run of the mill heroics. Or at least recruit him since he is legitimately trying to use his power for good. I wouldn’t mind seeing him promoted to recurring character in place of the spoiled rich brat.

 So the whole episode comes off pretty odd, even before the other couple random asides of people I’m not sure I even recognize making vague allusions to other things I have barely any context for. Ah, yes. The royal family. They were… uh… I think aligned with the good guys, but not really? It’s also a little interesting that they didn’t drag out whatever’s wrong with Chris being hidden more than a couple episodes. That really seemed like it’d be something he’d be hiding most of the season, but nope. Fully revealed right here partway through the second episode. Not even sure if that’s a positive for getting to it quickly or a negative for what was the point of hiding it at all.

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