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Bullbuster Review — C-

Monsters have overrun an island. A small company is the only one who can stop them.

I appreciated that we got a more practical Patlabor-style mecha show, where the mecha are used in everyday settings. In this case, the main focus of the series wasn’t actually the robots, but the office politics. Dealing with retirement, trying to put up with the one guy who’s an asshole, handling layoffs and company mergers and corruption, etc.

My favorite parts were the various scenes where people had to weight the tradeoffs of ethical necessity with the demands of their bosses. Depressing but fairly realistic from my sad experience.

I did feel that the show was just not all that gripping and didn’t have much of a hook. Never felt too excited for the next episode. It’s a slow burning show which is fine sometimes, but didn’t entirely work in this instance.

The pet dog arc was dumb.

Also, the final conclusion— the battle of small business vs. big business— was kind of silly. Having worked with many small businesses, they certainly bring their own problems.

Storytelling – C – Needed more of a catch.

Voice – C – I do like the more realistic mecha.
Characters – C – Generally bland.
Attention Grab – D – Needed more of a hook.
Production – B – Looks fine.
Overall – C-

Recommendations – Turn A Gundam, Patlabor


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