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Stardust Telepath Review — B

Cute girls form a rocketry club.

As my readers are doubtless aware, this is not my genre. So when I even watch a show like this to the end you should take it as high praise. To start with, what went well?

Perhaps my favorite part is how not all is well for the cute girls. They each have their own struggle which the show deals with. In the case of the main character, it’s shyness— a very relatable struggle for me which I think they handled well. Next is Raimon— she has a very different personality type which introduces conflict and makes the whole group fit together. They also had great music, and in particular my favorite OP of the season.

The obvious comparison for me is to the recent DIY— it’s a similar plot setup which is similarly stylistically interesting. Unfortunately this didn’t quite live up to DIY for me. I think the main issues are Stardust Telepathy’s art style was not as exciting, the sense of humor was lacking, and the characters didn’t have as much draw to them. Aside from Raimon and the main girl, the other two don’t stand out.

Storytelling – B – Solid!
Voice – B – Unique style.
Characters – B – I like Raimon…
Attention Grab – C – Always my struggle with this genre. I finished it.
Production – B – Looks pretty good!
Overall – B

RecommendationsDIY, Super Cub, A Place Further than the Universe

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