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Protocol: Rain Review — D

Kids take video games way too seriously.

This is the show for the season which objectively sucks but I enjoyed it anyway. There’s something pleasant about a show that throws out all sense of subtlety and is clearly written for teenagers. I can just imagine the planning meeting for this anime.

“What do kids like these days?”

“Video games.”

“Sounds like a plan!”

And then they went out and collected reference material from Counterstrike 1. The gaming scenes in this anime are pretty funny for how crappy this game looks.

Everything felt so half-assed. The romance sets things up and proceeds to go absolutely nowhere. The setting with the cafe going bankrupt is ignored in favor of the poor sick sister halfway through. The poor sick sister subplot is some crappy pop-psychology coupled with a plan that makes absolutely no sense of gambling your sister’s future on video games. The video games portions are so laughably bad.

It sucked, but I still had fun with it. It’s the type of show that allows you to turn your critical thinking off and just flow with it. Doesn’t require much attention either.

Storytelling – D – It had its moments. Mostly bad moments.
Voice – C – Can’t think of any other esports anime at the moment. Stylistically though, not interesting at all.
Characters – D – I thought the idol girl was ok, with how she had to hide her identity in multiple ways. Otherwise they were boring. Hated the little sister.
Attention Grab – D – I finished but it was always a chore.
Production – C – It’s fine.
Overall – D

Recommendations – Real sports shows? Can’t *really* recommend that though.

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