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Gushing Over Magical Girls #01 — S&M For Beginners


Sure, we can go with the official localized title.


Ah, AT-X shows. Relatively rare nowadays, but I certainly remember the time when I started blogging when they had a whole bloc carved out and had one of these every single season, usually of the Queen’s Blade or related varieties. And just like them, this has random nipples, which is probably its big selling point, and something of a rarity in this day and age. The jokes only come in two varieties. First, the main girl looking horrified and overreacting. Second, tentacle porn. 

Now, I expect the later to expand at least somewhat into a few different flavors of porn. Probably some wax dripping and a wooden horse at some point, but they still have a lot of different tentacle-like things to get through first. They’ve done plants and arms, but there’s still actual octopus tentacles with slime, not to mention regular rope for shibari stuff. No, this episode did not give me much cause to expect any actual jokes, and the animation? Pfft. Good lord, no. I’m pretty sure actual porn is better produced. It has to have some movement. We still end in the same place of characters moaning until they’re covered with liquids, collapsed with dead eyes on the ground though.


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